Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform delivered across your private network

Fastly’s Managed CDN (mCDN) provides massive capabilities with maximum control and flexibility. Deploy our edge cloud hardware and software into your infrastructure, at locations of your choosing.

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Enhanced performance & predictability

Fastly’s Managed CDN extends our industry-leading services to into your network to eliminate storage space constraints, reduce origin load and improve mobile performance. Fastly’s mCDN provides extended origin traffic predictability, since your data is stored and maintained on dedicated servers.

Dependable expertise & support

Fastly mCDN customers can rest assured that their network continues to function efficiently with routine monitoring and maintenance, and industry leading support.

Maximum flexibility

Our Managed CDN becomes part of your network infrastructure while providing maximum flexibility. Our team designs and supports network architecture unique to your business needs, such as selecting POP locations and allocating capacity that best fits your traffic needs.

Cost saving

Leverage existing transit and peering relationships to save on traffic costs rather than sending bandwidth over public connections. Improved cache hit ratios due to reduced origin load and reserved POP capacity enables you to serve continuous peak traffic with less servers or virtual instances.


Intelligent POP placement

A Managed CDN (mCDN) subscriber can deploy Fastly delivery services across their private network and leverage existing infrastructure with strategically chosen POPs. To begin utilizing a Fastly Managed CDN, our team will collaborate with your infrastructure teams to architect a custom solution where we define the number, capacity, and location of your Fastly Managed POPs.

Access edge cloud features

Fastly Managed CDNs are built with the same technology, monitored, and managed with the same tools that build and maintain our multi-tenant edge cloud platform. This means that you can also benefit from those feature updates, security improvements, and performance enhancements.

Upgraded security protocol 

Under a Fastly mCDN, POP capacity is exclusive to you providing maximum privacy and control over your servers. Since we reside on your network, your existing security measures and policies are applied to your mCDN. TLS connections (including HTTP/2 and IPv6) are terminated at your edge POPs, further reducing origin load. You can procure TLS certificates on one’s own or through Fastly.

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