Improve your multi-cloud strategy.

Fastly’s edge cloud platform complements your multi-cloud architecture by reducing complexity, unifying your cloud resources, and lowering compute costs.

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How Fastly can help

Create a uniform layer on top of your cloud infrastructure

Ensure consistent policies with a unified control plane in front of multi-cloud deployments. Simplify developments while ensuring feature parity across cloud providers.

Fastly enables you to:

  • configure rules and execute compute from a single platform.

  • apply best-of-breed security in front of cloud infrastructure.

  • increase visibility via a single pane of glass.

Save money on your infrastructure

Create pools of origin servers to consolidate your compute and storage resources, so you can reduce your overall infrastructure costs.

Ensure availability in the event of an outage

Avoid disruptions to your business when a cloud service is down with instant auto-failover from the edge. Add resilience for your multi-region or multi-provider deployments.

Say goodbye to vendor lock-in

Intelligently route requests to any number of disparate backend services, no matter which cloud service providers you’re using.

Discover the seven ways an edge cloud platform can complement your multi-cloud approach.

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