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Travel & Hospitality is a competitive industry, and continuous innovation is critical to stay ahead of the competition while providing a stellar user experience that is secure, fast, and trustworthy. Learn how Fastly equips these companies to exceed customer expectations by delivering scalable, high-performing, safe experiences.

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Airline industry report

Edge cloud strategies for airlines

This report examines publicly available website delivery metrics from the largest airlines around the world, and explains how an edge cloud strategy can help address many of the security, performance, and productivity hurdles facing the industry.

Simplified workflows

Deliver fast, personalized experiences using edge logic

By moving applications, data, and logic to the network edge, Fastly makes it easy for you to provide responsive, personalized digital experiences at scale. Deliver tailored shopper experiences based on factors such as customer location, buying history, browser, or device type — all resulting in more personalized content and higher visitor engagement.

Loveholidays increases conversion rate by 11% with Fastly
Travel and hospitality

“Fastly has given us an edge on a lot of our competitors, primarily, because simplified infrastructure, stability and scale mean we can always give the customer the fastest experience whatever the device.”

David Annez

Head of Engineering

Protect your brand

Highly effective, automated protection against threats

Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF effectively detects and blocks malicious traffic without rules optimization, freeing up your security resources. Our high-bandwidth, globally distributed network is built to absorb DDoS attacks, respond in real-time, and filter malicious requests at the network edge before they reach your origin. Implement bot protection to eliminate misuse of your data.

Instantly Scale

Maximize conversion with visitor prioritization

Your customers expect consistent experiences. Our edge cloud network gives you the power to scale to support traffic surges instantly. You can avoid capacity constraints or bottlenecks with built-in routing and load balancing. We even detect and route around origin and edge connection issues in real-time to reduce errors and improve end-user experiences noticeably.

Kayak maintains fast-paced innovation with Fastly’s instant updates
Travel and hospitality

“Not only can we do it ourselves, which means we can stay really nimble, but we can roll it out really fast. This industry is all about speed and agility, and Fastly really enhances our speed and agility.”

Tom Parker

VP, Information Technology

Empowering developers

Associate Member

Fastly has joined the The Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) as an Associate Member, a partnership that will enable us to showcase security solutions to some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, including leading retailers, hotels, restaurants, gaming casinos, consumer products, and travel companies.

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The days of agile development efforts getting stuck in release queues are over. With Fastly’s edge cloud network, visibility and control are integrated, so you can deploy new software or feature enhancements weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day.

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A/B testing

With near real-time logs and instant configuration changes, gain the confidence to test different article content with different readers without having to manage multiple URLs or forfeit SEO benefits.

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