Professional services packages

Quick value packages

For customers looking to tap into the full value of their Fastly service while freeing up scarce IT resources.

WAF tuning plus package

The WAF tuning plus package consists of WAF tuning and configuration in addition to authenticated TLS to origin to prevent WAF bypass attacks. This is an engagement for Fastly WAF customers who are fully deployed.

WAF tuning and configuration

  • Tune once per quarter or as needed

    • Update profile for changes to application stack

    • Enable new WAF rules

    • Disable/change existing rules

  • Notification of critical threats, potential attacks and increases in false positives

  • Assistance with critical attack mitigation (up to three instances per quarter)

Authenticated TLS to origin

  • Configure client-authenticated connection to origin server for each Fastly service running WAF

  • Service requires

    • Customer-provided TLS certificate

    • Matching private key

    • CA certificate or certificate chain

  • Fastly updates certificate prior to expiration

  • If revoked, Fastly updates private keys (15 day notice required)

  • Option for Fastly to generate certificates and keys on customer’s behalf

Logging insights package

The Logging insights package consists of the setup and guided customization of four preconfigured Sumo Logic dashboards. It includes basic instruction and tips on common troubleshooting techniques. This is a one-time charge per Fastly service.

Customer engagement

  • Setup of streaming logs in Fastly configuration

  • Interview to identify key customer-specific business metrics

  • Guided customization of four preconfigured dashboards (see below)

  • Basic dashboard instruction and common troubleshooting techniques

Sumo Logic App for Fastly: delivery dashboards

  • Overview: Visitor geolocations, download performance hotspots, visitor countries, top 404-causing/missing URLs, top server error-causing URLs, and more.

  • Origin performance: 90th percentile latency by origin host, median latency by origin host, slowest URLs, origin content download time, and more.

  • Quality of service: Download performance hotspots, cache performance, cache hit percentage, overall content download time, cacheable content download time, and more.

  • Visitors: Visitor locations, requests by country, requests by datacenter, TLS usage, HTTPS usage, requests by user agent, overall request volume, total request size over time, and more.

Note: This package requires customers to purchase a Sumo Logic license.

Performance optimization package

The Performance optimization package includes an assessment of your site to identify opportunities for performance improvements, followed by specific recommendations, and implementation work. This is a one-time charge per Fastly service.

Analysis & implementation

  • TCP/IP protocols: Optimize how your services send data via TCP/IP so you can transfer objects more efficiently to end users.

  • Gzip and Brotli (origin-based) compression: Implement the configuration changes needed so that requested objects have the proper compression for each content type.

  • HTTP/2 readiness: Assess your site, make network protocol changes to support HTTP/2, and provide recommendations on how to optimize for HTTP/2.

Analysis only

  • Cache-hit ratio, shielding, and clustering: Review your existing configuration settings and recommend changes that provide incremental performance improvements so that you can take full advantage of Fastly's network architecture.

Note: Additional work will need to be scoped separately.

Service implementation packages


For Fastly customers who have simple content configurations


For Fastly customers who have complex, custom configurations

Our implementation process follows a proven methodology for onboarding. It includes requirements gathering, solution design and documentation. We work with you to configure and test your Fastly services, while providing best practice consulting for origin configuration. Once your Fastly service goes live, we monitor performance and address any outstanding issues in order to ensure a successful deployment.

While customer requirements may vary, here are some common implementation options we offer:

  • Initial setup and configuration

  • End-to-end encryption setup

  • Fine-tuning cache times

  • Dynamic content delivery optimization

  • Event-driven content management

  • Geographic / Localization detection

  • Managed vendor migration

WAF Quick Start Package

For Fastly WAF customers, this is a one-time engagement designed to help you get up and running in logging only mode. For additional assistance post-deployment, we recommend our WAF Tuning Plus Package.

The service includes the following phases:

  • Planning: requirements gathering, rule or filter policy definition, and policy structure.

  • Initial Deployment: configuration of Fastly WAF VCL — includes best practice consulting for configuration of your WAF functionality within the Fastly Service.

  • Hand-Off: Professional Services staff helps you validate the WAF policy is active and set up in logging only mode.

WAF Tuning Package

For Fastly WAF customers, this is a one-time engagement designed to help you get up and running in blocking mode. For additional assistance post-deployment, we recommend our WAF Tuning Plus Package.

The service includes the following phases:

  • Planning and kick-off to determine your security requirements

  • Initial deployment and security policy selection

  • Live testing to help configure the WAF based on production traffic

  • Go-live and customer hand-off

Service Management Packages

For customers who require ongoing configuration and technical assistance. May be used to supplement your existing Support Plan, or Service Implementation Package.

Our Service Management Package provides additional technical expertise hours to be used on an as-needed basis. It includes direct access to Fastly customer support engineers for more complex engagements.

Customer requirements may vary, below are some common activities:

  • Site performance analysis

  • Varnish & VCL training

  • End-to-end encryption setup

  • Dynamic content delivery optimization

  • Multi-tiered caching setup

  • Event-driven content management

  • Geographic / Localization detection

  • Edge logic and device detection

  • Streaming and video packaging

Consulting Engagement Services

High touch consulting engagements ideal for customers who require in-house expertise or dedicated resources.

Fastly's support engineers are available to provide a range of services, including:

  • Technical advisory services

  • Translating configurations to VCL

  • Optimization of website performance

  • On-site Varnish & VCL training

  • Non-Fastly related performance tuning

  • Adapting Fastly features to a particular customer use case

Live event monitoring service

For customers who want dedicated support resources to assist with real-time monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting during high-profile events.

Common options that are offered as part of our live event monitoring service include:

  • Fastly expert dedicated to your team throughout your event

  • Kickoff call to define baselines and thresholds

  • Proactive monitoring of key health metrics

  • Real-time communication & alerting

  • Regular status updates throughout your event

  • Accelerated troubleshooting & escalation processes

  • Optional add-ons include pre-event preparation & testing, analytics integrations, amd post-event reporting

For more details on these plans visit our Documentation pages.