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Fastly migration services set the industry standard for making migrating easy. Our team of technical experts is equipped to handle any migration scenario, even the most complex custom configurations from legacy CDN vendors.

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Custom tailored migration

Regardless of who your CDN vendor is, or how long you have been with them, we can custom tailor a migration package for your specific needs such as rearchitecting existing configurations, without taxing your resources to get it done.


Our migration team has experienced professionals to help with complex configurations and outdated configurations so you don’t have to.

Solving impromptu challenges

With an adaptable approach, our solutions team addresses both anticipated and unforeseen challenges. We prioritize the success of your migration and have experience solving some of the most complex issues.

Seamless traffic migration

Upgrading your delivery architecture runs the risk of downtime, but with proven techniques like ramping up traffic and continuous testing, you can maintain precious uptime. While your backend configuration gets fine-tuned, you should see an improvement in performance.


Modernize your legacy system

Shifting to an edge cloud platform enables resiliency and with even better performance

Map logic from your CDN to Fastly

Our team helps apply your existing logic to the Fastly edge cloud platform and services, minimizing disruptions for your in-house team.

Optimize your Fastly service

We collaborate with you to craft a delivery service that will bring resiliency, improve performance, and work within your tech stack.

Confidently move from on-prem to edge cloud

Our product implementation protocol includes ramping up traffic and closely monitoring cutover traffic so your transition runs smoothly.

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