Moor Insights & Strategy Market Spotlight: Fastly Altitude 2023

Since Fastly’s founding, we have always strived to provide our customers power and control beyond what had previously been possible, by building a platform that can do what our competition cannot. And that mission continues to this day as we continue to innovate and build solutions that give you a competitive edge. Ready to see what we have planned next?

Fastly CEO, Todd Nightingale, sits down with Senior Analyst at Moor Insights and Will Townsend from Fastly’s annual flagship event, Altitude, to chat about exciting announcements from the event, and company momentum and strategy.

During the interview, you’ll gain greater insights into the future at Fastly including:

  • Our commitment to developers who need a simplified, secure, and scalable platform to build unique digital experiences.

  • A recap of the incredible live demo from Todd and “Bubb’s Coffee” demonstrating true global deployment in less than five minutes and in just two clicks.

  • Tons of innovation are on the way! Fastly unveiled its product map, announcing new Observability, DDoS and AI solutions.

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