Real-time visibility

Seamlessly integrate live insights to your cloud network.

Extend real-time data to your larger observability ecosystem with real-time log streaming that easily integrates into your existing data pipelines.

Fastly real-time logging

Instantly view live logs

Stream or view real-time log files within the Fastly app or wherever you consume data. 

We allow log message details to be highly customized so that you send precise data with the information you need and none of the noise that could slow you down.

Monitoring live insights where you push configurations allows for streamlined issue detection to resolution.


Real-time logging that can be easily connected to multiple endpoints in your observability ecosystem. Easily integrate Fastly observability into your existing tech stack with preset logging integrations or generic protocols for particular data systems.


Decide log format, placement, location, endpoint integrations, and multiple endpoint locations. Customize log formats to include or omit characters. Encrypt log files with OpenPGP.

Actionable insights

Mitigate interruptions to your end-user when issues arise or configuration changes are made. Act on performance issues in the same location you manage content delivery.


Log streaming

Stream real-time log data to leading data analysis tools in your existing tech stack. 

Fastly log streaming includes TLS support, encryption, custom log file locations, multiple endpoints, and allowlisting. Log format details can be customized with tags and additional info or omitted to save character space.

Live Event Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, streaming delivery, and flexible deployment combine to reduce costs during your live large scale events. Add capacity planning and request collapsing to deliver your event with resiliency.

Log tailing with Compute

Avoid difficult third party log management and debugging challenges with Log Tailing in Compute. Immediate visibility into log messages from your applications helps you to quickly identify bugs all within your terminal of choice with Fastly Command Line Interface.

High Volume Logging

For customers who require a scalable logging service, High Volume Logging streams real-time data to a laundry list of logging endpoints. Real-time log data allows developers to continuously iterate and improve end-user experience.

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