Understanding Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator

Today, we’re happy to announce a collaboration with Google Cloud Platform that will combine the power of Google’s infrastructure with the speed of our real-time content delivery network.

Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator extends customers’ infrastructure and application logic directly to the edge for faster content delivery, optimized backend workload, reduced infrastructure costs and increased scalability. For large file delivery (greater than 100MB), customers using Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator with Google Cloud Platform benefit from a more than 4x increase in speed of response times for content requests.

How It Works

  • Fastly now interconnects with Google in strategic locations across North America. Because all traffic between Google and Fastly goes over these interconnects instead of the public internet, customers can see dramatic improvements in response times for their Google services and storage.

  • If you designate a Google Cloud Platform service as your origin, Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator allows you to configure an Origin Shield as a single point-of-presence (POP) to handle cache-misses across our entire network. Origin Shield leverages advanced routing and request collapsing to direct cache-misses back to Google Cloud Platform. Read more about our Origin Shield.

  • When you shield in select POPs, you reduce the number of calls back to your Google Compute Engine or Google Cloud Storage instance, reducing your cost on network egress.

  • Integration is quick and easy. Visit Fastly's Cloud Accelerator to get started.


Fastly recently joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as a Technology Partner, and we’re proud to team up with one of the leading cloud storage platforms. In the future, we’ll continue to explore new ways to collaborate and build meaningful integrated solutions for our customers.

Artur Bergman
Founder and Chief Architect

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Artur Bergman
Founder and Chief Architect

As a founder of Fastly, Artur also served as its CEO from the company's creation in March 2011 until February 2020, when he transitioned to chief architect and executive chairperson of the board of directors. Before founding Fastly, Artur worked as CTO at Wikia, Inc., a global community knowledge-sharing platform.

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