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Fastly rolls out Auto Optimize for Image Optimizer

Fastly now has a user-friendly way to set quality in Image Optimizer that’ll save time and headaches.

Auto Optimize lets developers specify a quality rating of high, medium, or low, automatically applying optimal quality compression to produce an output image with as much visual fidelity as possible while minimizing the file size. Gone are the days of individually analyzing every image. Now, just set a level and go. 

This is one of the most requested features we’ve had for Image Optimizer, which allows you to offload image transformation to our powerful edge cloud platform. When an image is requested, we resize it, crop or trim it, change orientations, convert formats, and more on demand. And now optimizing quality automatically is on that list as well.

Transforming images at the edge reduces latency by decreasing the number of requests back to origin. With Auto Optimize, your images load more quickly — especially on mobile — engaging your end user to spend more time on your site. Plus, you’re sending fewer bytes across the wire.

If you’re already an Image Optimizer customer, you can use this feature now. Not yet an IO customer? Reach out to one of our experts now.

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