Caching the Uncacheable: Hooman Beheshti at Velocity NYC 2014 | Fastly

Hooman Beheshti, VP of Technology at Fastly, recently gave a talk at Velocity NYC 2014 about the challenges CDNs face with dynamic content and how businesses can use programmatic means to fully integrate their applications with their CDN. If you missed it, check out the video below.

In the past, CDNs have been used to cache and distribute static objects. But issues around invalidation, staleness, and lack of visibility have prevented companies from using CDNs to fully leverage the benefits of caching when it comes to dynamic content. Today, using a real-time, modern CDN that provides instant cache invalidation and real-time analytics allows for instantaneous control over dynamic content caching.

Hooman's talk covers:

  • Building an invalidation framework for dynamic content with real-time purging

  • Batch purging with dependencies to control content categories

  • Using real-time logs for visibility

  • Examples of edge-side handing of “non-cacheable” content, including cookie handling and beacon termination, among others

You can also check out the slides from his talk on Slideshare. For further reading, check out Hooman's in-depth blog post about caching dynamic content.

Hannah Levy
Senior Content Marketing Manager

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Hannah Levy
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Hannah Levy leads content marketing at Fastly, where she loves to tell stories about web performance, drink endless cups of coffee, and play with the office dogs.

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