Compute: Go support has arrived!

Fastly’s Compute platform enables customers to build high scale, globally distributed applications and execute code at the edge using popular languages such as Rust and JavaScript.  Now you can use Go too!

Rust is fast and memory-efficient: with no runtime or garbage collector, it can power performance-critical services while also providing a rich and flexible-type system and ownership model that guarantees memory-safety. 

JavaScript is everywhere. Today, more developers use JavaScript than any other programming language. Nearly everyone building a web experience has a JavaScript development background, and although adoption of in-browser WebAssembly is increasing, many web applications still run on JavaScript today. 

But if you don't code in those languages, it can still be a barrier.

Go, supported by Google, offers a nice middle ground for developers who appreciate its simplicity while also being fast and scalable, with excellent native tooling. Commonly referred to as “the programming language of the cloud,” it has been used to build large-scale network services and tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Terraform and many other cloud-related technologies.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Go is now available for Compute. Here's a simple example that returns some information from our Geolocation API - hit RUN to give it a try!

Find out more — including how to get going — in our Developer Hub. And if you're not yet using Compute, sign up now and experience the power of serverless for yourself.

Mark McDonnell
Staff Software Engineer, Developer Relations

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Mark McDonnell
Staff Software Engineer, Developer Relations

Mark (he/him) is a compassionate listener, polyglot programmer, and author of multiple technical books. His past experiences include working as a Staff Software Engineer at BuzzFeed, as well as being a Principal Engineer for BBC News (and many more things over the last twenty+ years). More importantly he is a husband, a father, and a lover of music.

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