Introducing Response Security Service

As the cybersecurity landscape grows more complex, teams struggle to keep up. Part of the problem is that the types of threats change so rapidly it’s hard to maintain current expertise, but another part is simply a staffing issue. As Forbes reports, the market faces a cybersecurity talent drought that’s leaving companies vying for recruits — and their in-house security teams strapped and overworked.  

Today, we’re introducing Response Security Service, a managed security offering that provides direct, 24/7 access to our Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC) to help you prepare for and respond when you suspect an attack. This feature is offered as an add on to our award-winning next-generation WAF (formerly Signal Sciences). It acts as an extension of your team, focused on three facets that can affect the impact of a security threat. 

Respond more quickly

When an attack occurs, how quickly an organization responds is vital. Things like team capacity, the volume of alerts security tooling can generate, and timezone distribution can impact your response time. However, augmenting your team with a managed security offering can help speed up your responses in order to quickly remediate issues and keep your business and users secure. 

Companies that have used other managed services in the past told us that slow, unhelpful, or automated responses made them dread reaching out to previous vendors. Our CSOC is a globally distributed team of security experts available to help you respond to threats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — and we’re proud to offer an industry-leading, 15-minute response time service-level agreement (SLA) for critical security incidents.

Expand your expertise

IT teams were stretched thin in 2020 — with hiring down about 30% over 2019 — and without hiring the threat specialists needed to execute truly effective security, many companies are still left vulnerable. However, working with a managed security partner can expand not only your resources but also your expertise, helping you triage alerts, analyze security telemetry, and understand traffic trends — including necessary blocking or remediation steps.

Our security engineers act as an extension of your team, investigating suspicious traffic and implementing custom rules, leaving you to focus on building up your security solution over time rather than looking into every spike in requests. Plus, all this is done in your preferred style of communication, whether that’s via Slack, email, phone, or support ticket.

Improve your readiness

A 2020 IDG Research survey of IT leaders found that only 57% of respondents ran a data security risk assessment. The first step to countering any threat is knowing your weaknesses, allowing you to stay ahead of attacks. 

Response Security Service gives you multiple readiness solutions, including configuration reviews, health checks, configuration assistance, and access to training. These services, performed by your dedicated security expert, ensure proper security hygiene for your organization. 

Get started

Reach out to our team to learn more about Response Security Service and understand how our team can support yours.

Kevin Rollinson
Product Marketing Manager

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Kevin Rollinson
Product Marketing Manager

Kevin is a member of the security product marketing team at Fastly, where he is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and execution of Fastly’s security portfolio. Kevin has been in the security industry since 2014, with experience in network, cloud, and web application security. Prior to Fastly, he worked at Cisco (OpenDNS) as the product marketing lead for Cisco’s DNS security products.

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