New branding, same mission

Everything we do at Fastly ladders up to one vision: to create a better, more trustworthy internet. We are in the business of empowering developers to dream bigger and iterate faster, so ambitious companies around the world can deliver competitive experiences across their sites and apps. It’s not enough for us to innovate alongside the rest of the web; we have to stay a step ahead, solving complex challenges that could hold our customers back. And it’s in this spirit that we’ve refreshed our look and feel, so we can more clearly embody our mission of enabling forward-looking experiences.

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What’s changing, what’s not, and why

While you’ll see some big changes, you’ll find that when it comes to our values and mission, nothing has changed. And our logo isn’t going anywhere, either. But we did reach a point where, as our company and platform evolved, our creative was no longer scaling with our vision. These updates aim to give us more flexibility, while speaking directly to the needs of our customers.

Take a look around the site, and you’ll see pops of bolder, brighter colors that speak to a spirit of differentiation and individuality — things we’ve embraced since day one. Because our technology works under the hood to support the work good brands are already doing, you’ll see layouts that nod to innovation behind the scenes: we’ve developed a purposeful system of lines and layouts that overlap, support each other, rethink traditional boundaries, and evoke a sense of forward movement.

You’ll also see iconography that conveys a hand-drawn feel, signaling that the most innovative ideas can start as a single sketch on a whiteboard, or on the back of a napkin. And since we help businesses deliver more modern digital experiences, it seemed like a no-brainer to use more modern, friendlier fonts too.


We’re aiming to create a clear, consistent, and more purposeful brand experience, one that opens up more space to connect with developers and businesses. We hope this new look and feel more clearly communicates what we’re about, and helps you find what you’re looking for faster.

Explore our new look and feel

Our new homepage highlights the brilliant ways customers leverage our platform to meet their goals: from enabling Spotify to stream incredible music experiences to 78 countries, to helping Kayak auto-update inventory and pricing on over 2 billion searches per year, to powering crystal-clear viewing on over 130K videos for The New York Times. We’re all about celebrating our customers’ achievements and are honored to feature their stories, in their own words, about what matters most to them.

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Visit our new Why Fastly page, and you’ll see more in-depth explanations on how we view the edge, and how we’re empowering developers with a programmable, reliable edge cloud platform that they can adopt as their own. And on our new Company page, you’ll find our values front and center — because they guide our vision, and transparency is critical to what we do. You’ll also find a photo or two of our canine office companions, because they are a very important part of Fastly as well.

Looking ahead

Have a look around. Things are intended to be friendlier, clearer, and more human, all of which speaks to the heart of what we do and what we believe in. We’ve just begun to roll out these changes, and you’ll see them applied moving forward, and retroactively to landing pages, blog posts, and more in the upcoming months.

From the language and icons we use, to the products we deliver — our goal is to enable teams to boldly iterate and innovate on the next modern digital experience. If you’d like to share thoughts on these changes, we invite you to do so on our feedback form.

Rachel Goldberg
Content Marketing Manager

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Rachel Goldberg
Content Marketing Manager

Rachel Goldberg is the Content Marketing Manager at Fastly. Previously, she's overseen editorial, UX, and copywriting at Vimeo and SideTour (acquired by Groupon). In addition to crafting words for tech companies, she can be found writing fiction, supporting environmental causes, and dreaming of better guitar skills.

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