The future of business starts with developers

Expectations for websites and apps are at an all-time high. If they aren’t fast, secure, and highly personalized, users take their business elsewhere. But today’s most innovative companies are thriving by meeting this challenge head on: they’re choosing Fastly and an investment in their developers.

With Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform, developers get the tools they need to build the most groundbreaking apps — all optimized for speed, security, and scale — so businesses can effectively transform to compete in today’s markets. Together, we’re building the future of the web.

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The technology behind better business

Technology is the muscle behind user experiences, and it directly relates to your bottom line. By leveraging the right infrastructure, you can scale smarter, improve security, and optimize the user experience. With Fastly powering things in the background, you can get back to focusing on what matters most for your business.

Edge Cloud Platform

Putting the power back in developers’ hands

Developers drive businesses forward. And by liberating their time, you can unleash their creativity. When your teams aren’t bogged down with infrastructure-level issues, you’re free to optimize sites and apps, streamline processes and pipelines, and execute on your most exciting ideas.

Build logic at the edge

Innovate at your own speed with our programmable edge, designed for unprecedented safety, visibility, and control.

Greater agility, real impact

We integrate directly into your stack so you can instantly configure, and see your changes in production right then and there.

Harness instant updates and data

Cache everything at the edge (even API responses), see what’s happening with traffic or deployment changes, and do more in real time with continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD).

Power to open source

We power nonprofit organizations and open-source projects for free through our platform, and believe in making the web a better place for all.

Reduce your business costs

By offloading content to Fastly, you can save on pricey bandwidth and storage costs, and reduce the burden on your servers or the central cloud.

More control, more flexibility

Accelerate your workflow by enabling teams to do more on their own, while syncing seamlessly with the tools they need to get the job done.

Enhance security and user trust

Protect your customers’ data, uphold the integrity of your brand, and give users confidence by displaying secure HTTPS sites across all your properties.

Incredible experiences, now for every customer

The internet is changing, and customer expectations continue to rise. That's where we come in. By moving data and applications to the network edge, we get you as close to customers as possible — so experiences are better from phone to desktop, website to app, and beyond. Because a better web for your users means a better way to grow your business.

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By using Fastly, their team can instantly serve the latest headlines, scale to accommodate breaking-news-sized traffic, build significant efficiencies into their pipeline, and secure the end-to-end experience.
Digital publishing

“Two-tenths of a second across Fastly’s platform to invalidate content and four to five seconds to push a config out across a network — I can’t tell you what a game-changer Instant Purge was for us.”

Erik Bursch

VP, Product Technology

See how Paramount innovates with Fastly across multiple world-class streaming products
Streaming Media

“The Fastly team has been so great, sometimes they feel like an extension of our team. We're constantly in sync; Fastly knows our operational workflow and understands how we've integrated with Fastly APIs.”

Sean McCarthy

Principal Product Manager, Video Technology Group at Paramount Global

Priceline stays safe, secure, fast and reliable with Fastly
Travel and hospitality

“Fastly has helped us solve a lot of problems from security vulnerabilities, DDoS mitigation, bot mitigation, cookie management, traffic management, and it's been really important and helpful in allowing us to migrate to the cloud.”

Will Homes

Vice President of Technology

Stripe adds intelligent caching for improved performance with Fastly
Financial services

"I would definitely recommend Fastly to other companies. Having had a really great experience with Fastly at my last job, it was one of the first recommendations I made while I was interviewing at Stripe. Our customers have huge pipelines that come down to the checkout moment, and we have to ensure that everything goes smoothly."

Marc Hedlund

VP of Engineering

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