New deployment option: the Fastly Next-Gen WAF is now the only WAF compatible with Arm at scale

We’ve seen a growing trend of organizations adopting Arm®-based processors for potential speed gains and overall cost savings in modern enterprise and cloud data centers. As this trend continues, the goal of operational efficiency must be paired with security best practices and security posture awareness in order to scale and thrive. This is why we have chosen to support this next generation of processors in our security offerings.

Fastly is the first and only WAF that operates with Arm processors to inspect traffic at scale in any environment: on-premise, cloud, containers or hybrid environments. Unlike other WAFs, you can use Fastly to quickly secure your apps and APIs using any combination of Arm and other processors with a unified product experience.

“Broader adoption of the Arm Neoverse platform enables our customers to seamlessly deploy unified solutions that drive innovation and better overall TCO,” said Bhumik Patel, director of software ecosystem development at Arm. “The Fastly Next-Gen WAF, combined with processors made with our superior Arm architecture, ensures that organizations can quickly secure their apps and APIs without compromising speed and performance.” 

Seamless installation

Whether you’re starting fresh with Arm or doing a gradual transition, our Next-Gen WAF will perform seamlessly as we support multi-processor environments, allowing you to spin up a single Arm instance or perform a staged rollout with the full protection we provide every step of the way.

Our Arm agent gives you parity protection from advanced web and API attacks, no matter what processor you use, and it comes as a standard deployment option. Plus, because the Arm agent is identical to our existing agents, you can take advantage of our fast deployment — hours or days, not weeks or months — and unified user experience.

Furthermore, our agents provide protection that is unmatched in terms of real-world effectiveness. The vast majority — more than 90% — of our customers utilize full blocking mode within hours/days, rather than being stuck in monitor or “learning” mode due to false positives. And we are able to provide protection against attacks and threats with a performance guaranteeing architecture that is used at the most performance-sensitive global enterprises on the planet.

Getting started 

Whether you’re actively seeking out a switch to an Arm-based environment, are looking to reduce overall IT infrastructure spend, or are simply curious about new technologies and hybrid environments, we are happy to help you assess what options are right for you. Reach out and get started now.

James Nguyen
Product Manager

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James Nguyen
Product Manager

James Nguyen is a Product Manager for the Fastly Next-Gen WAF, focused on ensuring that customers of all sizes, industries, and technology stacks can quickly and easily deploy Fastly's award-winning security products. He is a seasoned PM with a career spanning consumer and enterprise security, and a depth of knowledge in mobile security, online privacy, identity management, and API security. In his spare time, he is a proud supporter of the Be The Match nonprofit organization, helping cancer patients find life-saving marrow matches.

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