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New Fastly Logging Features

Over the last few months, we’ve completely overhauled Fastly’s entire logging infrastructure to keep up with our ever-increasing traffic. In addition to improving efficiency and reliability, we added features to make it easier for our customers to integrate with the logging providers they already use.

To begin, we implemented a feature that, much like our SSL backends feature, allows syslog information to be sent over TLS (Transport Layer Security). This means that logging information can be encrypted whenever it’s “on the wire,” allowing customers to send more detailed and potentially sensitive information to their logs without worrying about exposing data.

Additionally, we added first-class support for syslog-compatible logging providers such as Sumo Logic, Papertrail, and Logentries. Instead of generic syslog, we plug in and hide the values that are known for that provider so you don’t have to hunt them down in their documentation.

Logging Updated April15

We now also support other methods of sending logs besides the syslog protocol. This enables us to provide support for Sumo Logic and to add one of our more requested features: allowing pushing of log files to Amazon S3 buckets, including any S3-compatible providers (such as DreamHost's DreamObjects).

Just for the sake of completeness, we also added support for FTP uploading. You know, in case anybody was feeling retro.

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