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Our continued solidarity: in support of the ACLU and Gavin Grimm

Mar 2, 2017
By  Artur Bergman, CEO and Founder

Today, we joined our customers, partners, and friends in filing an amicus (“friend of the court”) brief challenging the Gloucester County School Board’s policy related to gender identity.

At Fastly, we support compassion, respect, and equality for all people. At our core, we aim to create a productive environment by making business decisions based on people’s qualifications, performance, abilities, and the needs of our business, and no other basis. We strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment to everyone, and don't tolerate harassment or decision-making on improper bases, regardless of whether the law allows it.

When our environment is tolerant across the board, we benefit from more productive and happier employees. We strongly prefer that those employees have the same freedom from discrimination and harassment that we hope they feel at Fastly when living the rest of their lives. Filing this amicus brief gives us a special opportunity to publicly support the rights of our employees and their family members to be free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender identity. We will continue to support our employees’ right to freedom from harassment and discrimination in all aspects of their lives, including on the basis of race, national origin, religious belief, or political affiliation.

We believe building and fostering inclusive workplace environments is the right thing to do, and equality makes all of us stronger. We’re proud to stand with our employees, partners and customers in support of this belief, and would like to thank the Human Rights Campaign and the law firm BakerHostetler for bringing this amicus brief to fruition.



Artur Bergman | CEO and Founder

Artur Bergman is the founder and CEO of Fastly, where he’s helping build a better, faster internet.

Prior to founding Fastly, Artur served as CTO at Wikia, a Quantcast Top 20 site, where he built a content delivery network in-house. Artur was one of the first supporters of the growing DevOps community, and he’s been a prolific contributor to the open source movement. He was a major driver in the development of Perl — the highly capable, feature-rich programming language. In the past, Artur also served as an advisor to Opscode Management Console, now known as Chef.