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A step towards better Web API authentication

The Fastly API is an integral part of our CDN — using our APIs, customers are able to instantly reflect configuration changes, purge content, and perform anything that is available on the Fastly control panel…

A/B testing at the edge

A/B testing is valuable, aggravating, and everyone has an opinion on the best way to do it. At Fastly, we provide a set of tools to help enable experiments you can integrate into your own…

Automating Fastly with Terraform

HashiCorp’s Director of Technical Advocacy discusses Terraform, their tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently, and how they use it to codify Fastly configurations.

Don’t let your successes bring you(r site) down

Often the main goal for marketing and advertising campaigns is to point visitors to your website, and it’s important you’re prepared for the success you’ll (hopefully) see. Hear how Fastly customer Dollar Shave Club launched…

Beacon termination at the edge

Using a CDN for beacon termination at the edge has gotten a lot of attention, in part because edge termination for beacons is cool; but it’s mostly because beaconing applications are becoming more popular and…

Why having more POPs isn’t always better

We’re often asked why having more POPs doesn’t necessarily make a CDN faster. To help illustrate, we’ll use an analogy of convenience stores versus supermarkets.

Five ways to optimize your Drupal site

Neerav Mehta, founder & CEO of Red Crackle, walks us through how to optimize your Drupal site.

The importance of performance monitoring

Your site’s performance needs to be monitored closely, but once you start your monitoring initiative, you might find yourself drowning in an endless wave of information. This can make it difficult for you to get…

Extending your application to the edge with Fastly

We often say that Fastly can easily become an extension of your app — there are three major components that make this possible: caching, control, and visibility.

The technology that empowers real-time journalism

We’re more engaged online than ever before, especially when it comes to consuming news. If you work with online media brands, you’re well aware that the way readers engage with news events is changing.

Caching with CORS

Before diving into CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing), I need to mention JSONP, which is the other solution to getting data from a different “Origin.” In Using ESI, Part 2: Leveraging VCL and ESI to...

Smart marketers should be prioritizing performance to improve conversions

You may not know that the software your developers use can affect the success of your marketing activities. It’s within both teams’ interests to collaborate to ensure good performance.

Surviving high-traffic events with Fastly

A CDN not only shields your origin from spikes in traffic, but it also ensures speedy delivery of content. This helps you meet your users’ expectations when they visit your site, whether that’s reading the…

Improve performance and gain better end user intelligence with GeoIP / Geography Detection

In a previous post, I discussed the benefits of Fastly edge modules. Among those listed is GeoIP / Geography Detection, which is useful for any company (especially those in ecommerce, hospitality/travel, and media) that...

Leveraging your CDN to cache "uncacheable" content

As I've written about before, there is a growing class of content called “event-driven content” that may appear dynamic, but isn’t. Even though caching this type of content is more difficult, it’s possible to...

The rise of event-driven content (or how to cache more at the edge)

In this post and going forward, we’re going to take a step back, talk about the different types of content our customers are dealing with the most, and discuss how cacheable or uncacheable they are….

Reusing backend connections to increase performance

Reusing connections between your Varnish instance and your backends (origins) is a good idea for multiple reasons. If your Varnish is on the same network as your backends and you’re doing low volume traffic, you…

Fastly’s edge modules that will power your ecommerce site

Ecommerce companies face challenges that a content delivery network built on Varnish can help address. To stay competitive and relevant, ecommerce websites and applications need to be able to target specific content to specific users...

The key to understanding your end user? Performance monitoring

We’re constantly monitoring our CDN’s performance from as many locations and network providers around the world as possible. Monitoring performance matters — not just for your servers and network gear, but also in terms of…

The benefits of using Varnish

At the core of Fastly is Varnish, an open source web accelerator that’s designed for high-performance content delivery. Varnish is the key to being able to accelerate dynamic content, APIs, and logic at the edge….