Recap of Altitude 2015, Fastly’s first customer summit

Last week, we hosted our first customer summit, Altitude 2015, at the SFJAZZ Center. Our goal was to bring together our customers and the people who build our products to discuss web performance, Varnish, and the future of Fastly.

Customers shared how they’re using Fastly to optimize for speed and scalability, Catchpoint’s CEO Mehdi Daoudi taught us the importance of performance monitoring, and Chief SpeedCurver Steve Souders explained how design and web performance are now more interconnected than ever before. Attendees also had the option of learning Varnish best practices with an Advanced VCL workshop.

Thanks to our MC and VP of Technology Hooman Beheshti for gracefully guiding us through an incredible inaugural summit. If you attended or spoke at Altitude, thank you so much for spending the day with us and sharing your insights. For those of you who couldn’t join us, we’ve put together a wrap-up of the presentations that took place below.

Watch our Twitter and our blog over the coming months for more opportunities to participate in upcoming Fastly events.

Mitigating Security Threats
Joe Williams, Computer Operator at GitHub

Customer Panel: Fastly as an Extension of Your App
Kathleen Vignos, Director of Engineering at WIRED
Chris Buckley, Director of DevOps at Business Insider
Patrik “totte” Torstensson, Principal Engineer at Spotify

Lightning Talk: Performance Measuring & Monitoring
Mehdi Daoudi, CEO at Catchpoint

Lightning Talk: Debugging Your CDN
Austin Spires, Lead Customer Engineer at Fastly

Lightning Talk: The Fallacy of Fast
Ines Sombra, Systems Engineer at Fastly

Workshop: Advanced VCL
Rogier Mulhuijzen, Sr. Professional Services Engineer at Fastly
Stephen Basile, Lead Streaming Engineer at Fastly

Workshop: Design & Performance
Steve Souders, Chief SpeedCurver at SpeedCurve

Building and Scaling the Fastly Network
João Taveira, Network Engineer at Fastly

View all videos and check out all slides from Altitude 2015 presentations.

Hannah Levy
Senior Content Marketing Manager

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Hannah Levy
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Hannah Levy leads content marketing at Fastly, where she loves to tell stories about web performance, drink endless cups of coffee, and play with the office dogs.

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