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Anna MacLachlan
April 13, 2017

Altitude NYC brought together Fastly engineers and industry leaders like The New York Times and | Hautelook to discuss complex problems in security, cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and more. Check out our recap and watch the session videos to learn about the vision behind Fastly, take a look under the hood of a DDoS attack, see what went down on election night at the NYT, and more.

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Simon Wistow
January 25, 2017

Altitude NYC brings a group of smart people together to solve complex problems in cloud infrastructure, security, DevOps, and more. You’ll hear from industry leaders like The New York Times, Spotify, Vogue, and | HauteLook, and leave with real-world implementations you can take back to your team.

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Rogier Mulhuijzen, Anna MacLachlan
October 12, 2016

In “How to solve anything, part 1,” we discussed Andrew Betts’ clever tips for using Fastly’s Custom Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) to collect data at the edge. In this post, we’ll look at how Nikkei uses VCL to deal with a service-oriented architecture as well as write synthetic responses with non-ASCII characters.

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Seth Vargo
September 28, 2016

HashiCorp’s Director of Technical Advocacy discusses Terraform, their tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently, and how they use it to codify Fastly configurations.

Fastly Altitude logo
Rogier Mulhuijzen, Anna MacLachlan
September 13, 2016

At our second annual customer summit, Andrew Betts of the Financial Times discussed using VCL to “solve anything” — pushing his team’s problems to the CDN layer.

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Anna MacLachlan
September 7, 2016

Often the main goal for marketing and advertising campaigns is to point visitors to your website, and it’s important you’re prepared for the success you’ll (hopefully) see. Hear how Fastly customer Dollar Shave Club launched a successful ad while maintaining site uptime and performance throughout, as well as best practices for making sure your major successes don’t bring you down.

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Tyler McMullen
August 24, 2016

In this post, Tyler McMullen will explore “the future of the edge,” or the next logical step in how we streamline online experiences. In order to keep up with the direction things are headed, we need to combine logic and data at the edge. Logic without data, without state, is insufficient.

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Kimmie Nguyen
April 20, 2016

As a company, we’re centered around support and service. We were founded by operations engineers, for operations engineers, who set out to create the support experience they always wanted from a vendor. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce our new Support Plans and Professional Services Packages.

Anna MacLachlan
February 10, 2016

Last Sunday over 111.9 million viewers tuned in for the Super Bowl. As a CDN, we’re in a unique position — we help companies handle the impact of successful Super Bowl ads, and monitor the results in real time. We thought it might be interesting to share some of the traffic patterns we noticed during the big game.

Kami Richey
December 1, 2015

Customer Support Engineer Kami Richey built an application for testing Fastly. In this post, she walks you through setting up your own test application and using Fastly’s UI to explore commonly used features first hand.

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