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Fastly Unveils Edge Cloud Platform

The New York Times, Spotify,, HauteLook, and more trust Fastly to Deliver Reliable Customer Experiences, Scale on Demand, and Mitigate Security Threats

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2017 -- Today, Fastly publicly unveiled its edge cloud platform, which empowers the world’s most popular businesses to deliver consistently secure, fast and personalized digital experiences. Fastly is also debuting three new services, available today on its edge cloud platform: the Fastly Web Application Firewall (WAF), Image Optimizer, and Load Balancer.

The worldwide cloud services market is projected to grow rapidly to $236 billion in 2020, according to Forrester, Inc. As more and more businesses move operations to the cloud, Fastly is well positioned to continue increasing CDN, cloud networking and cloud security market share with edge cloud services that reach beyond content delivery. With its existing customer success, Fastly has already achieved an annualized run rate of $100 million in under six years to position itself in the top echelon of rapid-growth Silicon Valley companies. Customers include popular online destinations like The New York Times, Airbnb, Spotify, Pinterest, and Ticketmaster.

Leading brands rely on Fastly to innovate faster, build scalable applications, and defend against complex security threats at the edge. Traditional solutions slow down engineering momentum and block innovation; Fastly’s edge cloud platform was built by and for developers to enable them to write and deploy code instantly at the edge in order to meet customer expectations for zero downtime, high speed and personalized experiences.

Fastly’s highly scalable edge cloud platform allows businesses to autoscale applications as they grow while reducing infrastructure investment. In addition, a global collaboration with Google Cloud Platform pairs the Fastly edge cloud platform’s advanced edge compute, enforcement and application delivery solutions with Google Cloud’s origin platform, extending existing cloud infrastructure as close to the end user as possible.

“Our goal is to help the world’s leading digital businesses operate fully at the edge for the best possible performance,” said Artur Bergman, CEO and founder, Fastly. “We will continue to support our customers’ growth, enable continuous development and deliver fast, scalable, and secure experiences across web, mobile, and IoT.”

“At The New York Times, our readers rely on us for instant, accurate and reliable news. Having a platform that lets us develop and scale reader experiences at the pace of breaking news is absolutely critical,” said Nick Rockwell, CTO at The New York Times. “Fastly’s edge cloud platform allows us to handle traffic spikes like the 8,000% traffic increase we saw on election night while delivering consistent, high-quality performance. With Fastly, we are ultimately better prepared to meet the expectations of our readers.”

Fastly’s three new services are available to customers today, on the platform:

Security at the Edge through the Fastly Web Application Firewall
Fastly’s cloud-based Web Application Firewall automatically protects businesses from sophisticated, malicious attacks designed to compromise web servers and erode user experience. Unlike traditional solutions, Fastly’s WAF provides instant access to security events and notifications from the edge, so businesses have full visibility to quickly identify potential application layer threats and make instant configuration changes to WAF rules. Learn more.

Better Web Experiences with the Fastly Image Optimizer
The Fastly Image Optimizer is a real-time image manipulation and delivery solution that dramatically speeds up image delivery by serving pixel-perfect, bandwidth-efficient and device-specific images from the edge, closest to online users around the world. By offloading optimization logic to the edge of Fastly’s network, the Image Optimizer eliminates the need to manually optimize and pre-process thousands of image variations across varying devices, browsers and resolutions. Learn more.

Optimized Traffic Distribution with the Fastly Load Balancer
In today’s internet economy, businesses need to plan ahead to deliver consistently exceptional, scalable experiences. Ideal for companies using multiple active data centers, a multi-cloud strategy, or a combination of both, Fastly’s cloud-based Load Balancer optimizes traffic distribution across a powerful multi-terabit network for scalability, high availability and instant, reliable experiences. Learn more.

To learn more about the Fastly Edge Cloud Platform, visit:

Remember, no security product will detect or prevent all possible attacks or threats.

About Fastly

Fastly helps people stay better connected with the things they love. Fastly’s edge cloud platform enables customers to create great digital experiences quickly, securely, and reliably by processing, serving, and securing our customers’ applications as close to their end-users as possible — at the edge of the internet. Fastly’s platform is designed to take advantage of the modern internet, to be programmable, and to support agile software development with unmatched visibility and minimal latency, empowering developers to innovate with both performance and security. Fastly’s customers include many of the world’s most prominent companies, including Pinterest, The New York Times, and GitHub.

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