Web & Mobile Performance

Fastly is the only content delivery network (CDN) that gives businesses complete control over how they serve content, unprecedented access to real-time performance analytics, and the ability to cache unpredictably changing content at the edge.

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Faster page loads

The speed at which your content loads is critical — it can determine whether or not customers stick around to browse or shop on your site or mobile app. Slow page loads can also have negative effects on search engine optimization and advertising revenue. Fastly’s next-generation CDN accelerates your web and mobile applications. We push content and logic to the edge, closer to your users, for a better browsing and online experience.

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Flexible caching

With Fastly, you can cache unpredictable, frequently changing content that other CDNs consider uncacheable. You can even cache APIs, creating a better experience for mobile app users accessing breaking news, the latest weather, or stock prices. Our flexible caching capabilities are made possible through features like Instant Purge, Soft Purge, and Surrogate Keys. We help your site and mobile apps perform better, giving users instant access to your most up-to-date content.

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Instant Purging

When it comes to web and mobile performance, your customers expect responsiveness, rapid load times, and continuous access to the latest information. Your CDN’s ability to purge rapidly and intelligently is critical to meeting these demands. Fastly’s Instant Purge allows you to purge outdated content within 150 milliseconds or less on a global average. Surrogate key purging and Soft Purge provide more granular control over what you purge and when.

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Built for mobile

Mobile performance directly impacts your bottom line — research indicates that 74% of users abandon a mobile site that takes longer than five seconds to load. Fastly is built for mobile. Powered by the Varnish open source platform, Edge Modules such as Mobile Device Detection and GeoIP / Location Detection enhance mobile content delivery. We even cache frequently changing API data for better mobile app performance.

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