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Fastly Enterprise Serverless

Compute is an advanced serverless platform built on open standards that runs your code, in your favorite language, on our global edge network. It’s designed to address the requirements of modern application development by empowering customers to run code in a highly secure execution environment with microsecond cold start times, at scale, on the edge.

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Innovate and deliver faster at the edge

Developers use Compute to deliver more personalized experiences faster and innovate faster at the edge without introducing latency. Our award-winning developer portal makes it easy to get started with access to use cases, starter kits, tutorials, sample code, and more. We also offer guided introductions to our platform via CLI and simple management via our flexible APIs.

Focus on app development, not minimizing cold start time

With Wasmtime, Compute offers code execution startup times in microseconds, not milliseconds. Developers can run complex code across multiple environments and can test with live logs plus debugging. This allows developers to rapidly deploy experiments to optimize customer touchpoints that drive higher conversion rates and boost revenue.

No servers required

Avoid the challenges that typically come with outsourcing infrastructure, like VMs or containers, and reduce the operational burden on your teams. Take advantage of flexible deployment options including the Fastly web interface, the Fastly API, Fastly’s Terraform provider, or the Fastly CLI.

Improve DevOps and developer productivity

Developers enjoy ease of deployment with full support for Terraform and GitHub. Deploy Compute in any CI/CD environment using our RESTful API. DevOps teams can rapidly program, configure, and provision infrastructure on our platform, freeing app developers to focus on delivering features, without worrying about how to scale them.


High performance serverless compute with WebAssembly

Fastly’s platform architecture and our implementation of WebAssembly (Wasm) simplifies development by allowing developers to run code with high-performance, in flexible locations between their servers and their customers. Wasm is also more secure with each request/response running in an isolated runtime.

Fast Edge Data

Fastly’s edge data solutions remove data location obstacles by making critical data available everywhere. Deliver modern applications fast and reduce costs by moving or replicating data to our global edge.


Compute provides a whole new level of serverless visibility with real-time and historic dashboards to give you insight into requests, CPU time, origin status, and much more. Our real-time logging capabilities provide an up to the second view into your services so you can find and fix issues fast.

Developer-friendly tooling and support

Compute enables development teams to plug into their current tooling and processes (Terraform, GitHub, APIs, etc) to integrate seamlessly with the edge. Our developer hub and community forum help developers learn and grow with access to starter kits, tutorials, demos, sample code, and more.

Anchor builds an effortless X.509 certificate service with Fastly KV Store
Developer platforms

“The Fastly KV store does what it says it does—it’s fast, flexible and scalable. We have access to logic at the edge as well as the high performance and availability our customers need.”

Ben Burkert


Stellate builds entire GraphQL platform on Fastly
Developer platforms

“Fastly Compute allowed us to innovate rapidly and provide a huge amount of business value to our customers, even as a startup. It’s kind of ridiculous the amount of leverage that we gained by using Fastly.”

Max Stoiber


Consumers hit the content they want in milliseconds with Fastly's KV Store

"Using the KV store, we hit the redirect immediately, and the user can go on to find the content they actually want. And because that content is also served from the edge, the whole round trip of a redirect and landing on the next page takes 50 milliseconds."

Keith Mazanec

Director, Software Engineering

Dansons delights grilling enthusiasts with blazing-fast app response speeds

"It would be challenging to accomplish what we're doing without Fastly. Edge computing is key to our technology."

Ryan Minor

Mobile and IoT Development Manager

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