Monitor domain level metrics

Assess your delivery performance at the domain level

Keep track of every domain request, byte, and status code for a single fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or multiple domains within a Fastly service. Domain Inspector metrics are easy to use alongside Origin Inspector and edge metrics, helping you glean valuable insights for your business.

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Thorough domain level metrics

Look into response & performance data per domain

Granular real-time and historical metrics are available per domain as well as aggregated to depict overall domain health. Performance indicators such as egress request, response status codes, and cache hit ratio are recorded for each separate domain and readily available via in-app data visualizations or JSON formatted data stream.

Make use of actionable insights from domain to edge

Organizations with multiple web assets can rule out or determine the location of an issue based on domain performance. Efficient and precise performance data leads to lower average issue resolution time.

Gain upstream visibility in multi-CDN environments

For existing customers using Cloud Optimizer or Media Shield, Domain Inspector is especially useful. Domain level data for single or multiple CDNs is presented directly in the Fastly UI, allowing you to access vital information without using a separate data analysis tool.


Aggregate DNS data

Responses such as egress requests, response status codes, and cache hit ratio (CHR) are recorded for each separate domain. Data can be viewed and shared through the Fastly UI or as a JSON formatted data stream.

Granular data

Historical data provides 100% of data recorded with granularity, not sampled. We report data in 1-second time intervals, and historical views are retained for 45 days.

System and custom visualizations

Discover historical data on preset displays, available by the minute, hour, or day. Tailor your insights with custom charts and dashboards, allowing different teams to access the specific data they need.

Monitor domain metrics

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