Domain Inspector

View domain-level insights within the Fastly API or console

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If your request traffic is compromised do you know where to look for the cause of the issue? Insightful metrics are critical to evaluating and improving your delivery strategy. Make sure you’re equipped with domain-level metrics to keep your websites and services running smoothly.

Domain Inspector

Effortlessly monitor traffic for a single fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or multiple domains within a Fastly service. Account for every domain request, byte, and status code or quickly determine edge or origin issues with our combined edge and aggregated origin metrics without needing to send log data to a third-party data collector.

Granular visibility to answer your unknowns

We report data in 1-second time intervals, and historical views are retained for 45 days, sampled by the minute, hour, or day - arming you with the exact data you need to diagnose issues.

Maintain a highly performant service and high quality end user experience

Access both real-time and historical data to pinpoint errors and improve performance. Troubleshoot issues quickly with our combined edge and origin metrics.

Simplified data pipelines even for multi-CDN environments

Monitor and report on edge and egress data within the Fastly UI without needing to set up complex data pipelines. Gain domain level visibility over your multi-CDN strategy, especially with Fastly Media Shield.

Measurable investment

Report infrastructure and egress cost savings to verify investment in Fastly services.

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Check out our Domain Inspector FAQ for details around product capabilities, enablement, and pricing.

Domain Inspector FAQ

With Domain Inspector, you can:

  • Enumerate any domain for individual domain tracking or domains set up for specific business visibility.

  • Proactively monitor and address domain traffic issues that arise at the origin or the edge.

  • Oversee end-to-end visibility of domain traffic during critical calendar and live events. 

  • Account for every origin or edge response, origin or edge byte, and status code to get insight into origin or edge failures.

  • Quantify reduced origin infrastructure and egress costs, especially with shielding.

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