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POP locations

Fastly’s network is designed to take advantage of modern day internet architecture. Our POPs are strategically located at the center of the highest density Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), so we can serve content to your customers worldwide in milliseconds. We connect with multiple Internet Service Providers at each POP. This provides additional bandwidth capacity and network redundancy, giving us the flexibility to always route traffic on the fastest available network.

Powerful servers

Our network is comprised of powerful servers with plenty of RAM, solid-state drives (SSDs), and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking. Frequently accessed content is almost always served from RAM, while long-tail content is served from SSDs. This results in a much lower Time To First Byte (TTFB), or time between receipt of an HTTP request and first response from cache. SSDs allow us to maintain larger caches without longer lookup times, resulting in a high cache hit ratio, and avoiding slow, costly traffic back to the origin. 

Software-defined network

Traditional, hardware-based routers and load balancers lack the necessary scalability and flexibility you need, so we designed our own custom routing and load balancing software. Our powerful servers enable us to run code at the network and application layers. Moving logic to these servers lets us provide faster, more flexible content delivery. Using patent-pending software, we consistently route end users to the most optimal POP and server while ensuring high availability.

Edge networking

Fastly delivers all the power and configurability of hardware-based HTTP / HTTPS load balancers at the edge. We support different load balancing methods including round-robin, random, client, hash, and DNS. You can also route users based on various request criteria — geographic location, language, cookies, device type, or HTTP headers. Our sophisticated edge scripting language allows you to implement multiple chained fallback options. You can failover from your primary data center to a secondary data center, a cloud-based backup, a static version of your site, or (as a last resort), your error page hosted on our servers. 

HTTP/2 support

HTTP/2 is seamlessly integrated into the existing Fastly environment and available across our entire network. We support all of the standard protocol features as well as some optional features, including server push. You will see various benefits over HTTP/1.1 that reduce browser overhead and improve efficiency.