Cloud Optimizer

Optimize multi-CDN and multi-cloud deployments

Ideal for peak traffic events, Cloud Optimizer sits between your origin and multi-cloud/CDN deployments. Using Origin Shield and request collapsing, we can eliminate duplicate requests and reduce costs by cutting traffic to your origin.

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Improved performance

Built on our performant edge cloud platform, Cloud Optimizer can decrease load on origin by eliminating duplicate requests across multiple CDNs. This results in faster delivery and a better user experience — even during high traffic events like a sale or product launch. 

More control and visibility

Cloud Optimizer delivers real-time logs to give you a direct line of sight into your traffic from any CDN (or cloud) you’re using — and the ability to make more informed business decisions as quickly as possible. Gain full control with the ability to push out configurations quickly and pivot if needed.

Cost savings

Request collapsing consolidates multiple requests for the same content down to a single request per unique object back to origin. This decreases the number of requests your infrastructure must process by several orders of magnitude, helping you save on network egress costs.

Simple implementation

Cloud Optimizer doesn’t require significant changes to your network architecture — just insert it in front of your origins. Simply configure your CDNs to use Cloud Optimizer as their origin, and then configure it to point to your infrastructure and central cloud(s).

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