Dynamically package on-demand video content in real time

On-the-Fly Packager (OTFP)

Let Fastly’s On-the-Fly Packager (OTFP) streamline your VOD workflow to cut storage costs, tailor content, and unlock operational efficiencies.

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Eliminate offline video pre-processing tasks

Store one file and dynamically package and deliver the right version when requested, reducing costs and saving time, all while providing a better experience. We only package what users request, so you deliver only what is wanted.

Reduce storage and egress costs

OTFP helps lower costs associated with duplicate content for different packaging HTTP streaming protocols (HLS, MPEG-DASH). By tailoring video files dynamically on the fly, you no longer need to store multiple versions of content in your cloud storage service.

Save time on the back-end

Enjoy greater flexibility and control with OTFP’s multi-DRM integrations and DAI support. Integrate with leading DAI partners, and leverage HLS timed metadata and content preconditioning to save time.

Deliver personalized user experiences

Speed up video availability by simplifying your workflow and eliminating the need to generate static segments. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to package and deliver different versions for mobile users as their network connection improves or degrades.


Supports all specs, protocols, and formats

We support all of the common streaming formats, resolutions, source formats, and codecs, so you have flexibility when delivering media.

Provides subtitles and closed captioning

Automated closed captioning and subtitles support enhances the accessibility of video files and makes this process more efficient.

Comes with built-in security

Security features include TLS delivery, token authentication, content targeting (Geo IP, VPN/proxy, and device detection), media encryption (HLS, MPEG-DASH) and multi-DRM support and integration.

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