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Caching and Purging

Fastly’s edge cloud platform enhances web and mobile delivery by accelerating dynamic assets and caching unpredictably changing content.

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Instant Purge

Instant Purge lets you update stale content within 150 milliseconds or less on a global average - this is considerably faster than other CDNs. When you issue a purge request, our servers stop delivering cached versions of that content. Once a visitor to your site requests the purged content, we retrieve an updated copy from your origin server and serve it as soon as it’s live on your web server. Purging can be done by individual URL, surrogate key, wildcard, or you can purge your entire site at once. You can trigger Instant Purge using the Fastly control panel, or via an API call.

Surrogate keys

Surrogate keys

Many websites are made of millions of interrelated objects, making it challenging to update all related content. Fastly surrogate keys allow you to fine-tune purging by tagging related objects across your site with a key name and description and purge by that key. You can purge your entire site of these objects at once without a performance hit. Purge full classes or libraries of objects, such as all images and content related to sale items, discontinued products, or outdated news content across your site.

Soft Purge

Fastly’s Soft Purge feature allows you to mark content as outdated or slightly stale, instead of permanently removing it from cache. This ensures good user experiences even if your origin server goes down or takes longer than usual to update.

Instead of showing an error message, you can configure your content to serve stale-if-error or stale-while-revalidate. With stale-while-revalidate, the first person requesting a page after purging receives slightly outdated content, while your page is being refreshed in the background.

Static Content

Static content

In addition to caching event-driven content, Fastly’s edge cloud excels at caching static content, whether it’s images, JavaScript, CSS, or larger objects like downloads, music, video, or PDF files. Our powerful edge cloud platform allows us to cache more objects for longer and retrieve them faster. You’ll achieve better cache hit ratios, translating to quicker response times and downloads for your web and mobile users.

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