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As another quarter ends we are happy to announce the following updates to our product portfolio. On the security side, we now offer a variety of TLS certificate options including GlobalSign OV and multi-domain. Customers can also manage Fastly TLS and Platform TLS through Terraform. We introduced our first managed security offering - Fastly Response Security Service - for rapid response in the event of a suspected attack. Dedicated Protocol Addresses has been promoted to General Availability. Customers can also easily reserve network capacity for high traffic events with Capacity Reservation. In real-time logging, the Amazon Kinesis endpoint has also graduated to General Availability.

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Fastly TLS — Managed GlobalSign OV, Multiple Domains

Fastly managed Organization Validated (OV) TLS certificates via GlobalSign are now available for customers who require their organization name and detail on their certificates.

Customers can manage Multi-domain (SAN) certificates using a single
Fastly-Managed certificate. We offer protection for up to 100 domains with a branded dedicated multi-domain certificate from a non-profit Certificate Authority.

Terraform TLS

We added the ability for customers to automate TLS workflows through Terraform. In Terraform, Fastly customers can issue certificates, retrieve TLS details, and perform other updates. The updated provider is compatible with both Fastly TLS and Platform TLS.

Response Security Service

At the end of June we introduced our Response Security Service. This service protects customers by providing preparation ahead of - and rapid response in the event of - a suspected attack. Customers can access the Fastly Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC) for rapid tactical response as well as a monthly consultation with a Designated Security Specialist.

Dedicated Internet Protocol Addresses GA

Fastly now offers Dedicated IPs in General Availability. We provide Fastly customers with a unique pool of IPv4 and IPv6 addressed across all of our POP locations and global anycast network. This service can be applied to many use cases such as TLS certificate management, customer cipher suites, and security allowlisting, to name a few.

Capacity Reservation SKU

Organizations can now reserve a specific amount of edge and media shield capacity in preparation for high traffic events. During unexpected utilization spikes, a customer’s traffic may be rerouted to other regions causing latency for the end user. Opting for Capacity Reservation helps to avoid latency from traffic rerouting and maintains a high quality end user experience. This service is especially useful for live sports, concerts, product announcements and major releases.

Amazon Kinesis & IAM for S3

Our real-time logging endpoint to Amazon Kinesis has graduated to General Availability. Fastly customers can funnel log data to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and build Kinesis applications to process data and power live dashboards.

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