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Making it easier to connect to AWS with Kinesis Data Streams and IAM

Data is power, giving you the crucial knowledge you need to prioritize, troubleshoot, and drive critical business decisions. Today’s real-time logging updates take another step forward in providing you with the critical information you need to power the best digital experiences — now developers can send real-time log data to Amazon Kinesis Data Stream and use Identity and Access Management roles to set up Amazon S3 and Kinesis Data Streams logging endpoints. 

Kinesis Data Streams, which was announced in limited availability last November, is now open to all, providing more customization and flexibility in where and how you send your data. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams allows you to capture gigabytes of data per second, enabling you to build Kinesis applications that continuously process this data, generate metrics, and power live dashboards. You can now funnel your log data from Fastly into these data streams.

Providing additional flexibility and a streamlined experience, you can also now use AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) when setting up these endpoints. IAM makes it simple to provide and manage access — for example, setting the same security policies for both S3 and Kinesis Data Streams.

Find the new endpoint in the Fastly UI. We’ll continue to add new endpoints to serve your needs in building the modern trustworthy internet. Keep us posted on what works well or integrations you’d like to see.

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