Expert services for exceptional results.

Network Services solutions

Whether you’re onboarding with us for the first time, migrating your service from another CDN, or just  looking to get more out of your Fastly services, our experts can set you up for success.

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Expert services for exceptional results


Choose one of our Onboarding Packages based on your resource needs and/or the complexity of your planned deployment. Our Lite, Select, Complete, and Custom Onboarding Packages make spinning up your services faster and easier. Learn more.


With a wealth of technical expertise our team is trained to manage a full range of migration scenarios - from straightforward to the complete replacement of legacy configurations. Learn more

Time to value

Professional service hours accelerate time-to-value for any product package. Whether you want to optimize performance, deploy our serverless compute offering or initiate managed services, our expert solution engineers are here to help.


Faster onboarding

Choose one of our onboarding packages to expedite your onboarding process and get up and running sooner.

Custom migrations

Select one of our onboarding packages to expedite your onboarding process and get up and running sooner.

Multiple use cases

Our Advanced Professional Services cover multiple use cases, whether you are looking to modernize your infrastructure, enhance performance, leverage serverless computing, or have a completely new project of your own. We provide services for one-time projects, ongoing development and even managed services.

Flexible service hours

Professional service hours perfectly complement our product package, providing the support and expertise you need to get the most out of your Faslty deployment. We offer added flexibility by allowing you to choose a quantity of hours at the beginning of your service, with the option to add more at any time.

Advanced professional services

Our flexible  professional service hours enable you to purchase the exact number of hours needed to unlock the value of your product package or Fastly service.

Varnish, VCL, and Compute training

Our teams offer training on Fastly Varnish Configuration Language to empower you to apply configuration changes across your Fastly services. We also provide expert coaching for our Compute functionality and partner with you to deploy, manage, and scale your serverless programs with confidence.

Custom solutions

Get in touch with our experts to discuss how our custom solutions can be tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Service configuration

Set up a service, a user-defined set of caching rules and behavior for a website or application, then edit and refine your configuration. Includes support for HTTP/2.

Streaming and video packaging

Scale your streaming content delivery when using Fastly as a globally distributed HTTP streaming network or add our On-the-Fly Packager (OTFP) service.

Performance improvements

We will review your existing configuration and service settings and recommend incremental performance improvements to help optimize your Fastly delivery service.. Some examples include cache time tuning, configuring cache lifetime and setting granular controls for how long content persists in cache.

Custom headers

We can create and configure custom headers to determine how you want content served to your users. We can also set up Gzip and Brotli (origin-based) compression to ensure requested objects have the proper compression for each content type.

Shifting to multi-vendor and multi-CDN strategy

“We had intended this to be a 12 month project to do the migration. In fact, we actually managed to get it done in three months, which surpassed everyone's expectations. The ease of migration and excellent support from Fastly allowed us to accelerate our migration and deliver early while coming in under budget.”

Todd Jimenez

Lead CDN Engineer