Fastly for Financial Services

Unsurpassed online experiences your clients can trust

Fastly’s financial services unite critical infrastructure to extend visibility and gain comprehensive control -- all while keeping security front and center. From the ground up, our platform was designed to be an extension of your network and to give you a competitive edge to deliver experiences that are fast, engaging, and secure.

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Powering the best of the Internet

Instantly Scale

Survive and thrive through high-traffic events with ease

Fastly’s built-in routing and load balancing intelligently handle large volumes of simultaneous requests without capacity constraints or bottlenecks. Benefit from actionable insights to respond to customer behaviors, security issues, and Internet weather with our instant visibility into request response times, origin failures, or suspicious traffic.

Security with no trade-offs

Secure customer data and strengthen security posture

Implement bot protection and anti-automation at the edge to eliminate excessive abuse and misuse of application resources that power fraudulent activity. Fastly’s PCI DSS-compliant network protects against web application vulnerabilities, DDoS, and botnet attacks. Our Next-Gen WAF effectively detects and blocks malicious traffic without the need for rules optimization.

Dynamic digital experiences

Improve agility with complete control of your content

Programmatically purge invalid content in real-time, allowing you to cache dynamic content, including API responses. As dynamic content, such as stock prices and financial transaction data, typically comprise a significant portion of data, investing in a flexible, programmable network that developers can customize, manage, and secure content is critical.

World-Class Support

Partner with our trusted team of experts

With an overall CSAT rating of over 95%, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Fastly’s world-class support includes direct assistance from our engineers via chat and in-depth technical documentation. We have support packages designed specifically for our media customers, such as Live Event Monitoring to alert and troubleshoot complex issues during an event.

Empowering developers


The days of agile development efforts getting stuck in release queues are over. With Fastly’s edge cloud network, visibility and control are integrated, so you can deploy new software or feature enhancements weekly, daily, or even multiple times a day.

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A/B testing

With near real-time logs and instant configuration changes, gain the confidence to test different article content with different readers without having to manage multiple URLs or forfeit SEO benefits.

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Logging insights

Learn how log analysis can help you stay ahead of problems with your applications and why it should be an important part of your overall observability strategy

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