Cloud Cost Optimization: Reduce Costs, Improve Performance

Fastly works with companies to achieve lower, more predictable cloud spend ––regardless of traffic levels––by caching more content and executing logic at the edge. Save on infrastructure costs while improving performance.

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How Fastly can help

Lower your cloud bill

Achieve lower cloud spend with less variability by caching more content and collapsing redundant requests at the edge.

Fastly enables you to:

  • increase cache hit ratio by caching dynamic content like API responses.

  • deliver large objects from cache, including video or audio files.

  • reduce the volume of requests to your origin servers with Fastly’s Origin Shield

Pay less for egress

Fastly has private network interconnects (PNIs) and peering arrangements with cloud service providers, giving you access to free and discounted egress deals.

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Save money on image storage and delivery

Eliminate the need to store multiple versions of images at origin by generating optimal versions from a single source file at the edge.

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