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High-performance streaming media

Delivering rich, engaging experiences in a market brimming with premium content leaves no room for sub-par viewer experiences. Since its inception, Fastly has helped the world’s leading online media brands exceed viewer expectations with our open edge cloud platform that reliably delivers live and on-demand entertainment on a global scale.

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Trusted by leading media and entertainment brands

Simplify streaming

Optimize your infrastructure

Reduce administrative overhead, storage, and delivery costs by dynamically personalizing your media for individual devices, thus resulting in agile and ultra-responsive applications. Get actionable insights with our instant log files to identify bottlenecks before it's too late.

Stream securely

Secure content and protect your brand

In an industry ripe with fraud and piracy, protecting your content is crucial. Fastly supports multiple forms of content protection from token authentication to DRM. Our platform features bot protection and can detect misuse of application resources that power fraudulent activity. Block VPN usage at the edge to prevent  unauthorized streams.

See how Paramount innovates with Fastly across multiple world-class streaming products
Streaming Media

“The Fastly team has been so great, sometimes they feel like an extension of our team. We're constantly in sync; Fastly knows our operational workflow and understands how we've integrated with Fastly APIs.”

Sean McCarthy

Principal Product Manager, Video Technology Group at Paramount Global

Ready to scale with you

Chose a CDN that expands and grows with your success

Interruptions of your online media streams can be detrimental to your business. Your CDN should be capable of instantly scaling to support large traffic surges without disappointing viewers with poor stream quality. Fastly Media Shield ensures you will continue to deliver performant viewer experiences that set your business apart - regardless of audience size.

World-Class Support

Build momentum with industry-leading technical assistance

With an overall CSAT rating of over 95%, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Fastly’s world-class support includes direct assistance from our engineers via chat and in-depth technical documentation. We have support packages designed specifically for our media customers, such as Live Event Monitoring to alert and troubleshoot complex issues during an event.

Bell Media relies on Fastly to absorb traffic spikes and maintain quality
Streaming Media

"Since starting with Fastly, we've significantly improved our first-byte response time. For a user, that reduces the video startup time and the likelihood of buffering."

Roy Hasanizadeh

Senior Media Technology Analyst

Guide to the Modern CDN

What if your config change was live in the time it took you to read this? Or you could spot performance and security issues in time to do something about them? These are the differences a modern CDN makes.

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