Deliver seamless live streaming experiences

Live Streaming Media Delivery

The Fastly platform supports delivery of all major HTTP video streaming formats — including live, linear, and user-generated video — on any public or private headend deployment.

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Deliver stellar live streaming experiences

Our Streaming Media Delivery solution enables you to deliver live video over common HTTP streaming formats, including Apple’s HLS and MPEG-DASH. And with built-in elasticity, we can scale to accommodate the largest audiences.

Improved performance

Easily define failover scenarios to ensure viewers don’t experience interruptions. Take it a step further with our Live Event Monitoring Service, where we monitor your scheduled event's performance and help troubleshoot issues. Let us help ensure your live event goes flawlessly.

Improved response times

Fastly keeps connections between our POPs and your infrastructure open to minimize latency associated with fetching the latest live chunks from origin. You’ll see improved response times for your viewers, letting them consume your stream as close to live as possible.

Maintain uptime and availability

Quickly scale for traffic spikes during major live events without interruption. We handle high request volumes, streaming content without waiting for complete downloads and our network employs self-healing, real-time fault detection and mitigation to address internet weather challenges.


Real-time visibility

With real-time streaming logs, you can monitor infrastructure performance. Paired with granular controls and immediate config changes, you can troubleshoot issues before they substantially impact viewers.

Media Shield

Fastly’s Media Shield for Live streamlines existing multi-CDN deployments while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your streaming services.

Live Event Monitoring Service

If you are anticipating a large live or high traffic event, Fastly offers a powerful combination of Customer Support expertise and real-time data to alert you as we detect issues with internet congestion and upstream or downstream providers.

Top partners and integrations

We integrate with top partners to offer joint customers an enhanced end-to-end video workflow. We have built-in integrations with infrastructure-as-a-service providers like Google Cloud Platform and video workflow management services like Wowza Media Systems.

Scale to meet peak demands
Streaming Media

“Fastly also does a great job caching our content, helping us achieve the scale we need to meet our peak demands while making sure our streaming costs are manageable as traffic increases.”

John Cool

Vice President, Digital Media

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