What is the modern CDN and why is it important?

Too many developers and companies are dealing with the dark ages of black-box, legacy content delivery networks (CDNs) that weren’t built to provide the real-time observability, baked-in security, and programmatic control needed to deliver the dynamic experiences today’s users and developers demand.

Fastly’s modern CDN is designed to empower developers to create innovative digital experiences that help increase customer lifetime value, improve conversion rates, and drive higher average order value and loyalty. With this capability, businesses are better equipped to succeed when they give developers the tools they need to innovate and maintain secure, competitive sites and applications.

During this webinar, Fastly experts will explore:

The evolution of legacy CDNs and the current state of the CDN industry based on this crumbling foundation.

The benefits of the modern CDN, including real-world applications from Fastly customers, Gannett and Stripe, each with their own challenges to meet and exceed user expectations.

How to select a modern CDN provider and unique differentiators to look for when comparing to your legacy CDN, including ways to achieve return on investment.

After this webinar, you’ll understand why it’s time to reconsider your legacy CDN for one designed for the modern user and developer.

What is the modern CDN and why is it important?

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