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Andrew Betts

Principal Developer Advocate
June 20
On this episode of Fastly Developers Live, we discuss the importance of curating a personalized "For You" page using Fastly.
April 15
We're working on keeping our corner of the open source world even opener with three key updates of our open platform.
February 8
As the future of device detection evolves to protect user data, client hints and other solutions rise to meet the needs of developers looking to deliver a better user experience.
March 23, 2023
The Acropalypse put improperly cropped images (and privacy issues) all over the internet. Here’s how Fastly’s Compute could help you clean them up.
December 19, 2022
Fastly Fiddle, a key feature of the Fastly Developer Hub is a powerful and flexible testing sandbox that allows developers to test configurations without putting their production…
August 23, 2022
We are very excited about OpenTelemetry. We wrote about why, and also about how to emit telemetry from Fastly's VCL services, and our new Compute platform. But OpenTelemetry's value truly…
July 14, 2022
Recently Andrew Barba, the engineer behind Swift Cloud, released a highly performant and fully featured Swift SDK for our Compute platform. And he built the initial release in just four days…
July 11, 2022
We're starting to get excited about OpenTelemetry, and want you to be able to observe your Fastly services just like you do with apps running in your core cloud provider — and see the…
June 23, 2022
One of the main reasons you use Fastly is that we are close to your end users, able to respond in a few milliseconds.  But that can also make it feel like Fastly is "outside" your system…
May 11, 2022
Almost all webpages today load resources from origins other than the one the page came from, which can play havoc with the way your site loads and make it harder to write a strict Content…
March 16, 2022
If you build stuff on Fastly, chances are you spend a decent amount of time on our Developer Hub. Last month, we migrated it from our VCL platform to Compute. Here's how we did it and what…
December 6, 2021
A couple of weeks ago Cloudflare, one of our competitors, claimed that their edge compute platform is roughly three times as fast as Compute@Edge. The false claim is a great example of how…

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