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Compute, our serverless compute platform, was built by developers for developers, and we’re excited by the new and innovative use cases we’re seeing as customers build in a more secure, performant, and scalable way. But like all the best things, we can only be better when we work together. 

Today, we’re excited to announce a growing ecosystem of partners who are tapping into our powerful edge cloud network and using Compute to extend their solutions to be even closer to customers. Compute fits seamlessly into existing stacks and improves developer productivity through simple development and deploy workflows. We’re pleased to collaborate with a number of innovative companies to push the boundaries of what’s possible at the edge. 

Do more with Compute

Because Compute moves application logic as close to users’ devices as possible, the opportunities for innovation and mission-critical use cases are endless. Along with integrating with major cloud service providers like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, here are some of the ways our partners are combining our powerful serverless environment with their platforms and services:

Database: Fauna, Macrometa, and Upstash

Many customers use Compute to build personalized experiences at the edge. To take this concept even further, globally distributed databases like Fauna, Macrometa, and Upstash are a great fit for developers to pair with Compute. Both aim to keep logic and data as close to the end user as possible — while still keeping global latency as low as possible. This allows developers to focus more on building and maintaining better user experiences and less on managing underlying infrastructure.

Backend: Backblaze and Storj 

Unfavorable data storage economics can make it difficult for businesses to innovate as high-cost egress fees and complex deployment architectures can lead to vendor lock-in. By combining decentralized and globally distributed storage architectures — like those from Backblaze and Storj — with Compute, customers can improve data security and performance without added complexity or cost. Customers can get unmatched performance, resiliency, and efficiency when serving content from the edge without having to worry about vendor lock-in.

Online skimming attacks: Source Defense

Source Defense, a market leader in client-side security for websites, helps customers protect their sites from “Magecart” attacks. These attacks occur when elements on a site, regardless of the source of JavaScript, can be read, changed, deleted, or added, which leads to problems like defacement, eSkimming, drive-by compromise and more. By deploying the Source Defense platform from Compute, customers get a unified, easy-to-use security solution that can be accessed and centrally controlled. 

Experimentation: Optimizely  

Running robust digital experiments performantly on heavily cached content has always been challenging. It often requires a tradeoff between architectural complexity and better performance. By embedding Optimizely’s full stack SDKs directly into Compute, users can have a simple, performant, and robust solution for experimenting across all their experiences and content. 

Identity: Auth0 

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to add user authentication and authorization to their customer-facing applications to mitigate risk and improve overall site experience. They need to be able to deploy these solutions in an easy, fast, and scalable way across both B2B and B2C applications. Together, Compute and identity access management solutions like Auth0 can deliver a developer-centric identity platform from the edge.

Other developer tools: Glitch, Edgemesh

Now more than ever, businesses need to create high-quality, customized digital experiences quickly and easily without introducing added complexity. Developer tools like Glitch and Edgemesh help businesses get sites and apps up and running in minutes or even seconds — and with the integration of Compute, you can do all of this with the added performance and scalability of a powerful edge cloud network. 

Logging and monitoring: Datadog, New Relic

Being able to understand how an application or website is performing is critical for ensuring optimal end user experiences. True observability means having an end-to-end view of an entire system, inclusive of third-party integrations and edge deployments. By combining real-time data from Compute with data from other logging and monitoring endpoints like DataDog and New Relic, customers can get robust, instantaneous feedback into how their website and applications are performing. 

What’s next?

In addition to helping us better serve developers, becoming a Compute partner can give companies an advantage when integrating their products and services at the edge. We’re confident that combining the award-winning technology of Compute —  named one of only two “leaders” in The Forrester New Wave™: Edge Development Platforms, Q4 2021 — with our partners’ technology will bring immediate value. In fact, we’re so confident that we’re using Compute to build the next generation of our own industry-leading products

Visit our Compute ecosystem directory for more information on integrations. And if you’re interested in learning more about how to partner with us, reach out to us at

Emily Friedberg
Group Vice President, Global Sales Acceleration

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Emily Friedberg
Group Vice President, Global Sales Acceleration

Emily has led Fastly's Global Channel and Partnership organization for more than five years, always putting our partners and customers first. Before joining Fastly, she worked in software startups and spent more than 14 years in the telecom industry. When not working, Emily enjoys spending time building in her wood shop, tending to the animals around her hobby farm, and being active in beautiful Colorado. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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