Extended Technical Trainings at Altitude San Francisco

Join us June 28-29 for Altitude San Francisco, our annual west coast summit. RSVP below (don’t wait — Altitude New York maxed out!).

This year, we’ve added a full day of extended technical trainings on June 28, giving teams the opportunity to build expertise on:

  • Increasing your cache hit ratio with Fastly Systems Engineer Leon Brocard

  • Lightweight threat modeling techniques with Fastly Sr. Security Architect Jonathan Foote and Director of Security Research Jose Nazario

  • Building a CI/CD pipeline with Fastly, Terraform, and Travis CI with Fastly Web Performance Engineer Patrick Hamann

  • Logging at the edge with Fastly Systems Engineer Chris Jackel + Google

  • Scaling your application with the Fastly Load Balancer, from Fastly Engineer Chris Buckley

  • Debugging 101 with Fastly veterans Austin Spires and Cassandra Dixon

On June 29 at Terra Gallery, we’ll hear keynotes and main sessions exploring the future of edge delivery, infrastructure, and enforcement, and more:

  • Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Senior Staff Technologist from the ACLU, on the role the CDN plays in user privacy.

  • Julia Grace, Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Slack, on how applying a backend mindset to the front can unlock the complex challenges of platform scale.

  • Fastly CTO Tyler McMullen on what the future holds for edge compute and delivery.

  • CEO Artur Bergman will share his vision for Fastly’s edge cloud platform.

More sessions are coming soon: keep an eye on our agenda for the latest updates. We look forward to seeing you there!

Simon Wistow
VP Strategic Initiatives

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Simon Wistow
VP Strategic Initiatives

Simon is a co-founder at Fastly, where he helps lead strategic initiatives. Before helping found Fastly, Simon was a senior search engineer at Yahoo! Europe, LiveJournal, SixApart, Scribd, and then at social help desk company Zendesk. In a past life, he worked on R&D for a leading VFX Company doing films like the Harry Potter series, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Sunshine, and Wallace and Gromit. At one point he worked as a cowboy in Australia. Mostly because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Find him on Mastodon: @simonwistow@hachyderm.io

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