Fastly Wins 2023 DEVIES Award for Glitch!

We just got some really exciting news and couldn't wait to share! Fastly’s Glitch has won a 2023 DEVIES Award in the Developer Environments & Coding Tools category. 

The DEVIES Awards are annual awards for the software industry recognizing outstanding design, engineering, and innovation in developer technology across 31 categories. This year, award winners were selected from a record-high 310 nominations by an expert-led panel of the DevNetwork Advisory Board, based on the following criteria: 

1) Attracting notable attention and awareness in the software industry; 

2) General regard and use by the developer, engineering & IT community; and 

3) Being a technical leader in its sector for innovation.

Glitch started as an experiment by developers, for developers, to remove the worst friction points of starting a new project. It’s grown into one of the most inclusive, inspiring and prolific developer communities around. Millions of developers have engaged with Glitch’s easy-to-use development environment, remixable code, and vibrant community of collaborators. 

From exploring virtual reality with WebXR, to creating inventive incremental games, to elevating the education of the next generation of web natives in bootcamps, schools, and at-home learning. Glitch helps thousands of communities build their way through life. The Glitch community built some incredible applications in the past year, including digital art, music apps, games and tools. And there’s so much more to come. New possibilities continue to unlock as Glitch and Fastly work together to bring the power of edge computing to every developer..

“Developer tools and technology product solutions are leading the way for software developers & engineers to build upon the foundation of the ever-expanding technology sector. Fastly’s win is evidence of their leading role in the growth and innovation in the software industry,” said Jonathan Pasky, Executive Producer of DevNetwork, producer of DeveloperWeek and the 2023 DEVIES Awards. 

We’re looking forward to receiving our DEVIES Award during DeveloperWeek 2023 (February 15-17 in Oakland, California, and February 21-22, virtual), the world’s largest developer and engineering conference & expo with 8,000+ participants from 150+ countries across the globe.  

No award would be possible without the Glitch community. We are so grateful to them for all they've built on Glitch — and all the ways they've shaped what it's become. Building Glitch has been as much a collaborative effort as building the web, and we're so excited to accept this award on behalf of the entire community.

Jesse von Doom
Head of Product, Developer Experience

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Jesse von Doom
Head of Product, Developer Experience

Jesse von Doom is Head of Product for the DX team and joined Fastly as part of Glitch. Prior to Glitch he was Digital Director of the Mozilla Foundation, a fellow with the Shuttleworth Foundation, and Executive Director of CASH Music. He likes rainbows a lot.

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