Fastly wins at the 2024 DEVIES Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that the Fastly OHTTP Relay won the 2024 DEVIES award for best innovation in services: application development! The OHTTP provides fast, reliable separation and isolation of data about who a person is while passing along non-identifying requests to the business server. 

This is the second year in a row that Fastly has won a DEVIES award. Last year, we won a 2023 DEVIES award for Glitch in the Developer Environments & Coding Tools category. The DEVIES Awards, now in its 12th year, recognize outstanding design, engineering, and innovation in developer & engineering technology — across 31 categories. We’re extremely proud to be recognized by experts across the industry – and for the second year in a row.

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Enabling privacy on the Internet

Internet users are increasingly concerned about who collects their personal information, and how it might be used to paint a picture of their online (or real world!) life. Businesses that provide Internet services face challenges when balancing competing concerns around product usefulness versus maintaining privacy. Simply receiving end-user data through the normal course of operating a service can expose businesses to significant compliance requirements and regulatory pressure, and these challenges only get harder as a service becomes more successful.

With that in mind, we created the Fastly OHTTP Relay. It is a component of the Oblivious HTTP architecture that allows you to receive critical request data from your end users without any of the identifying metadata that you don't need. Fastly has created an OHTTP Relay service that leverages the company’s global edge compute platform for easy extensibility and rapid scaling to meet a wide range of needs and use cases. It also goes beyond the core OHTTP spec to enable custom service logic such as anonymized log delivery, token authentication, and more.

This award wouldn’t be possible without all the hard work and innovation from our Fastlyans. We’re so grateful and immensely proud of what we built to power the best of the Internet.

Monique Barbanson
Senior Engineering Manager, Customer Usage Pipeline Systems

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Monique Barbanson
Senior Engineering Manager, Customer Usage Pipeline Systems

Monique is a Senior Engineering Manager for the Customer Usage Pipeline Systems (CUPS). Prior to Fastly, Monique was an engineering leader at Digital Entertainment, Fintech and medTech companies. Outside of work, she enjoys being outside in nature and traveling.

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