Tell Your Boss These 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Xcelerate SF

We get it. Convincing your manager to take a full day off to attend an event can be tough. Maybe they’re concerned about ROI or the value it will bring to the department – or the greater organization. But we have some good news for you! If you’re looking to attend Xcelerate in San Francisco on April 4, 2024, we have a whole list of reasons to get that ‘maybe’ to turn into an enthusiastic ‘yes!’. 

Xcelerate will bring together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and a curated group of your peers for a jam-packed day of innovation. You’ll learn, network, and grow together. (And it will be a lot of fun!)

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1. Only 75 people will be there

In other words, this is an exclusive event for your peers. We want to create a personalized experience for a select group of leaders and innovators. No more pushing through crowds to try and speak with someone – enjoy the opportunity to talk shop and hear from others who are working on similar projects and challenges as you. Make new connections, strengthen old bonds, and get ready to collaborate with the best and brightest. Your network will thank you.

2. It’s free!

What manager could say no to a free day of learning and networking? We’re not joking, this event will cost you nothing. Yes, that includes a delicious breakfast, lunch, and post-event cocktail hour, the DevConnect Mixer. 

Free knowledge and free food? Need we say more?

3. Things are about to get technical

Get ready to nerd out with your peers because we’re keeping our talk tracks technical and hands-on. We’re covering everything you need to know to keep your network fast, high-performing, and secure. We’ll have demos for our game-changing Observability dashboards and features, how you can do even more with the Next-Gen WAF, and get a first look at our exciting bot management solution.

Take the day even further by experiencing the Fastly Demo Hub for an exclusive opportunity to address product-specific queries, get a peek into our latest advancements, or get help on a challenge you need to solve.

4. Hear from some of the biggest names in the industry

You’re going to be in very good company at Xcelerate. The world’s biggest brands, like JetBlue and Duo, will be joining Fastly experts on stage to discuss how they solve their daily challenges with our edge cloud platform. 

Join co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tyler McMullen, as he discusses the future at the edge and why it is fertile ground for new and exciting ideas. Hear from our Product Management team about our platform's roadmap and its unique architecture that provides benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

5. It’ll never happen again

You may be thinking, well, there’s other events like this. But that isn’t the case with Xcelerate. This curated group won’t ever be in the same room again discussing these topics, asking thought-provoking questions, and tossing out big ideas.

This is truly a one-time opportunity – and you won’t want to miss it! Lightning won’t strike twice!

See you there!

Don’t miss out on Xcelerate – the must-attend event where you can learn how the world’s fastest edge cloud platform can help you boost performance, improve security, and create engaging websites and apps for your end users.

Share this blog with your manager. Slack our reasons to them a day at a time to get their attention – whatever approach you need to take to land that ‘yes’! 

What are you waiting for? Register here, and invite a coworker! We’ll save you both a seat! 

Shelly Kolvitz
Sr. Events Manager

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Shelly Kolvitz
Sr. Events Manager

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