Terms of Service update: Fastly and Signal Sciences

In October 2020, Fastly acquired Signal Sciences and its powerful web application and API security solutions which, when combined with Fastly’s edge cloud platform and existing security services, allow Fastly to offer a unified suite of modern security tools

Fastly has taken the opportunity to update its Terms of Service so that all of these services can be purchased under a single, unified contract. As this is the first update to our Terms of Service in almost five years, and consistent with Fastly’s core value of transparency, we would like to walk you through the changes we made.

The changes, while not dramatic, are intended to cover the Signal Sciences web application and API protection products including the Signal Sciences Next-Gen WAF that allows a customer to use distributed software components (a monitoring agent and a web server integration module), as well as a cloud-hosted collection and analysis system in its implementation. References to distributed software components now appear in several sections of the Terms of Service.

One of the most valuable facets of the Signal Sciences services is the data insights that are gleaned from anomalous activity and suspicious behavior detected by the services. Fastly uses these data insights to further protect its customers and improve Fastly products. We thought it was important to identify this data and its use in the Terms of Service and we provide further information in the descriptions of Signal Sciences Next-Gen WAF and Signal Sciences Cloud WAF about Fastly’s use of data insights in connection with the threat Intelligence that is offered with these products.

We have also updated the Terms of Service so that they can now be used by customers who purchase Fastly and Signal Sciences products from authorized enterprise resellers.

As we were updating the Terms of Service to reflect our growing multi-product business, we decided to take the opportunity to make some additional changes that reflect our learnings from feedback from our customers. For example, we have now incorporated references to the Data Processing Terms directly into the Terms of Service. We have also streamlined the language around beta services and limitation of liability. We made some adjustments to the indemnification terms that are consistent with industry practice. The Terms of Service always included a commitment by Fastly to comply with law, but, consistent with Fastly’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, we have revised the terms so that the anti-corruption language applies to both Fastly and our customers. We have also increased our payment terms for customers not paying by credit card from net 15 days to net 30 days. 

As always, if you're already a Fastly customer, the Terms of Service applicable to you are determined by the date you agreed to them and stay in effect unless you agree to a new version, which means updates to our Terms of Service don’t affect you until you make changes to your subscription. You can view prior versions of our Terms of Service in our archive. Our hope and expectation is that the changes to our Terms of Service will make contracting with Fastly easier for new customers looking to buy any of the products and services that Fastly offers, including those Signal Sciences customers looking to add Fastly edge delivery services to their tech stack.

Karen Greenstein
Assistant General Counsel

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Karen Greenstein
Assistant General Counsel

Karen is an Assistant General Counsel at Fastly where she oversees commercial contracts.

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