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We protect your web apps and APIs at scale, no matter how you deploy them. Our award-winning next-gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) solution protects your organizations’ entire application portfolio and provides the visibility that empowers DevOps teams to make their apps more resilient.



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Protection against advanced app and API threats

Get protection that goes beyond OWASP Top 10 injection-style web attacks and gain coverage against advanced threats including account takeover (ATO), malicious bots, API abuse and more—all in one solution.

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Fast time-to-value without managed services

Unlike traditional web application firewalls, you can avoid extra managed services fees for tuning and the need to train dedicated employees for ongoing maintenance.

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Flexible install options for wherever you run your apps

Designed to offer maximum deployment flexibility, our solution installs via an agent-module software pair or Cloud WAF that requires no software installation. And, our flexible architecture means you get protection anywhere in your technology stack, whether in cloud (including containers), on-prem, edge, or hybrid environments.

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Centralized management, alerts and integrations

Reporting and alerting feedback loops provide layer 7 visibility across your entire app and API footprint. Integrations with DevOps and security toolchains empower teams to make decisions from the same baseline of security data provided via alerts, API or a management console.


Industry-leading web app and API protection

Gartner has twice named Signal Sciences a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for WAF. We are also a two-time recipient of the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for WAF based on detailed end-user testimonials.

Web App and API Security that Empowers DevOps Teams

Protection Purpose-Built for DevOps

Protection Purpose-Built for DevOps

Easily integrate advanced web protection into toolchains for cross-team feedback loops and visibility into app metrics, performance and trends. Receive security alerts and metrics via Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, Jira and more.

Protection that won’t impact performance

Protection that won’t impact performance

Protect your apps and APIs with a solution that scales and is highly performant. Our easy-to-install software protects against any attack, without impacting performance.

Protection that empowers developers

Protection that empowers developers

Today’s development teams want security instrumentation that is easy to install and manage, yet won’t break their apps. Our advanced web protection solution runs where you operate your apps while revealing how attackers seek to exploit those web layer assets.

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