Cloud Security

Fastly protects your site and app from web-based attacks. Our security solutions are easy to deploy and extremely scalable. Because security is tightly integrated with our CDN, you don’t have to compromise on performance.

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TLS encryption

Protecting your customers’ identities, transactions, and the integrity of your website requires strong encryption. Fastly supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), the next-generation encryption protocol. TLS connections between Fastly and your origin are encrypted and terminated at our network edge, closer to your customers. We’re optimized to handle heavy volumes of encrypted traffic without impacting performance. Fastly follows industry standard practices throughout our network, ensuring the safety of your users.

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DDoS mitigation

Fastly’s high-bandwidth, globally distributed network is built to absorb DDoS attacks. We protect against highly disruptive Layer 3 and Layer 4 DDoS attacks, as well as more complex Layer 7 attacks. We are built on a flexible Varnish open source platform, allowing us to make configuration changes on the fly, responding to attacks in real time and filtering malicious requests at the network edge.

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Fastly is a certified Level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider. The power of our edge architecture and fine-grained controls lets us cache sensitive content while maintaining compliance, enabling faster delivery of cardholder data and Protected Health Information (PHI). Other CDNs route this sensitive information on different, sub-optimal networks. With Fastly, once you have the right configurations in place, you can accelerate the delivery of sensitive content while maintaining security.

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