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Fastly’s global edge cloud platform processes, serves, and secures your applications as close to your users as possible, at the edge of the network. Whether you’re preparing for Black Friday, streaming the Olympics, or simply ensuring that your site and applications are fast and secure — Fastly can help. Our platform empowers your teams to meet rising customer expectations and focus on what matters most: your core business.

Edge compute technology

Harness powerful features and capabilities at the edge, empower innovation, and deliver fast, personalized experiences.

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Content delivery & image optimization

Accelerate dynamic assets, cache unpredictably changing content, and serve images from the edge.

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Video & streaming

Accelerate video on demand and live streaming experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

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Cloud security

Gain real-time insights into events and notifications and update your security policies globally in seconds.

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Load balancing

Instantly auto-scale your applications without modifying existing infrastructure.

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Managed CDN

Achieve maximum control and flexibility with our Managed CDN, deployed within your private network.

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The power of the edge



Fastly’s edge cloud platform is instant. You can cache whatever you want at the edge, even API responses. We give you complete control over how your content is cached and served. You can swap out old content in milliseconds — no waiting around for Professional Services.

We deliver 100% of logs in real time from our network edge, and stream them to all major endpoint logging systems for faster business decisions. And, because Fastly’s edge cloud is built on one unified platform, you get real-time functionality across all our services.



Fastly’s edge cloud takes you beyond just serving static or dynamic content. We allow you to write code at the edge and deploy it instantly to solve unique business problems. Build complex apps on our platform using Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) to push application logic to the edge. Our powerful Edge Dictionaries act as a database for real-time decision making: with a simple API call, you can add to or update data and logic from every server on the Fastly network.



Legacy CDNs get in the way of your ability to innovate. If you want to deploy code multiple times a day, you need ultimate visibility and control. Fastly’s edge cloud platform integrates directly into your stack so you can push new software releases in real time, making configuration changes at the edge and seeing them in production in seconds. Real-time logs and analytics provide visibility into the impact of your changes so you can quickly identify errors and roll back as needed.

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Attacks are bigger and more complex than ever before. You need to block them at the edge before they ever get near your network. Fastly’s edge cloud platform delivers powerful edge enforcement for faster protection against the latest application vulnerabilities, DDoS, and botnet attacks. We provide real-time insights into security events and notifications, instant rule changes, and the ability to update security policies across the globe in seconds.