Cache API content

Fastly lets you cache full APIs, moving app content closer to your users for better performance. Clear your cache within 150 milliseconds with Instant Purge, and use surrogate keys to purge multiple objects at once, instantly removing all related content.

With Fastly, Imgur is able to cache rapidly changing content, like API calls. They cache every API call for users who aren’t logged in, allowing them to quickly serve content that’s the same for all users directly from the edge.

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Secure API content

Our high-bandwidth, globally distributed network provides security for your app. This allows us to protect API content from web-based attacks without sacrificing  performance or flexibility.     

We protect your API content from highly disruptive Layer 3 and Layer 4 DDoS attacks, as well as more complex Layer 7 attacks. We also terminate TLS connections at our network edge, speeding up content delivery for app users, while offloading encrypted traffic from your origin server. 

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Self service

The Fastly API provides the same flexible configuration as our user interface, letting you configure your service and deploy changes globally in seconds, instead of minutes or hours. Features like built-in version control and diffing, configuration rollback, and real-time analytics allow you to monitor the impact of these changes and adjust as needed via an API call.

With the Fastly API, The Guardian can do automatic deploys and integrate with GitHub, which provides them with a traceable history of changes and continuous integration. Automatic deploys also eliminate the need for their team to manually upload files to push changes.

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Open source plugins

Fastly offers plugins for popular open source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. You can integrate our services with these platforms via the Fastly API without having to write your own code or become a CDN expert. The WordPress and Drupal plugins allow you to publish content or make changes instantly without modifying existing workflows. The Magento plugin caches and accelerates your online storefront, helping it stay fast and reliable, even during peak traffic times or seasonal sales. 

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Our partnerships help you make the most of our caching and performance benefits. Using the Fastly API, we integrate with Heroku to help speed up app deployment while accelerating updates. Our integration with Acquia accelerates the process of building and maintaining websites based on Drupal. Imgix built an entire image resizing and optimization service on top of our platform, to speed up image delivery. Using the Fastly API, they can now configure in real time for better customer experiences.

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