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Fastly has partnered with DataDome, PerimeterX, and Shape Security (part of F5) to offer anti-automation and bot protection at the network edge. Fastly supports an open ecosystem that gives you the ability to select the tools and technologies that best meet your needs.

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Tight integration

Tight integrations with leading bot providers

Fastly and our partners offer tightly integrated solutions at the edge that strengthen protections for your websites, mobile apps, and APIs. Minimize business impact, protect revenue, and improve customer satisfaction by preventing account takeover, scraping, digital fraud, and complex application-layer attacks. When a request is made to your site or app, Fastly serves the content along with your selected bot partner’s sensor. The sensor collects non-personally identifiable information from the browser at the network, user, and device layers. Data collected is sent to your bot partner, where it’s analyzed to determine if real-time access should be allowed or denied — minimizing risk and fraud while maintaining performance and efficacy.

Powerful edge platform

Leveraging Fastly’s edge cloud platform, our bot partners have built solutions that combine their advanced behavior-based bot detection with our rapid mitigation capabilities at the network edge. Fastly’s multi-terabit-per-second network manages millions of simultaneous connections globally, allowing us to operate as a distributed filter to enforce bot policies. Our cache nodes perform real-time evaluation of risk scores for request-by-request edge enforcement.

Highly accurate bot protection

Efficient and comprehensive bot protection

Together with our bot partners, we can protect you from a range of malicious bots, spanning from basic scripts to more sophisticated bots. Bots are detected by identifying suspicious user behavior patterns over time, such as repetitive, machine-like actions that are indicative of malicious bot activity. By offering advanced behavior-based detection, our bot partners can identify more sophisticated application-layer bot traffic attacking specific functions like user logins or shopping carts. By leveraging a solution tailored to your unique risks and threats, you can address advanced or targeted campaigns.

Maintain performance

Moving bot mitigation to the edge allows for comprehensive protection while leveraging scalable infrastructure to maintain exceptional performance during the largest of threat campaigns. Sensors are run in the background in asynchronous, non-blocking mode and cached on our CDN maintain performance and efficacy. Evaluating client requests at the edge only adds a few milliseconds; other bot detection solutions must return to origin to evaluate and score bot traffic, which can add latency as well as increase network and server costs.

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