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Cloud security

Fastly’s massive globally distributed network provides rapid protection against web application vulnerabilities, DDoS, and botnet attacks. Enforce security rules at the edge with real-time insights into suspicious traffic and the ability to update your configuration in milliseconds.

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Tight integration

Tight integration

Fastly and PerimeterX offer a tightly integrated solution on both the client and server level. Once a user requests a page, Fastly serves the page along with PerimeterX’s sensor (a JavaScript snippet). The sensor collects non-personally identifiable information from the browser at the network, user, and device layers.

Data collected is sent to the PerimeterX detector, where real-time algorithms are run to generate a trust score for user sessions. Fastly uses these trust scores to allow or deny access to your website, blocking suspected bot activity. You can also apply additional levels of control, such as further authentication or redirecting to a support page.

Powerful edge platform

Leveraging Fastly’s edge cloud platform, PerimeterX has built a solution that combines their advanced behavior-based bot detection with our rapid mitigation capabilities at the network edge. Fastly’s multi-terabit-per-second network manages millions of simultaneous connections globally, allowing us to operate as a distributed filter to enforce bot policies. Our cache nodes perform real-time evaluation of PerimeterX trust scores for request-by-request edge enforcement.

Highly accurate bot protection

Highly accurate bot protection

The PerimeterX Bot Defender™ can identify highly sophisticated man-in-the-browser bots which use advanced browser automation tools or reside inside infected browsers to control users’ machines. These bots are detected by identifying suspicious user behavior patterns over time, such as repetitive, machine-like actions that are indicative of malicious bot activity. By offering advanced behavior-based detection, PerimeterX can identify more sophisticated application-layer bot traffic attacking specific functions like user logins or shopping carts.

Protect cached and origin content

Our joint offering protects both origin and edge traffic, so you can keep more in cache without the risk of bot abuse. Cache rapidly changing content like sports scores or stock prices at the network edge for faster delivery, without worrying about content or price scraping. With Fastly’s Instant Purge and surrogate key purging, you can also proactively manage this content, swapping out outdated information instantly.

Maintain performance

Fastly and PerimeterX offer the lowest latency bot detection and mitigation solution on the market. JavaScript from the sensor is run in the background in asynchronous, non-blocking mode and cached on our CDN for zero impact on performance. Evaluating client requests at the edge and assigning a trust score only adds a few milliseconds; alternative bot detection solutions return to origin to evaluate and score bot traffic, adding significant latency and increasing backend server costs.