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Edge compute technology

Give your developers an edge

Extend the power of your core cloud to the edge, and empower your teams to innovate. By moving data and applications as close to your end users as possible, you can deliver fast, highly personalized experiences to customers around the world. And now you can join the private beta for Compute@Edge, our new serverless compute environment built to take you further at the edge.

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Edge Compute Use Cases

Use cases

From media and entertainment, to ecommerce and high tech, businesses with an online presence need to effectively grow and scale, and meet rising customer expectations across devices. Today’s leading companies leverage our edge compute technology to build custom apps, streamline their workflows, and address complex business issues at the edge — all of which helps them stay ahead of the competition.

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Edge compute capabilities


From the very beginning, Fastly took a fundamentally different approach to our technology, designing it to fuel customer innovation at the edge. The result is built-in edge compute capabilities that empower businesses of all kinds. Learn about our modern network architecture that delivers real-time data, our powerful and highly customizable edge computing language, and security solutions that maintain performance while protecting against web vulnerabilities, DDoS, and botnet attacks.

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Edge compute features


Tap into flexible, customizable technology, and quickly tailor how your content is served to audiences. We’ve developed code to perform custom logic at the network edge, so you can serve personalized digital experiences, faster. Get ahead of the competition with seamless content customization, real-time decision-making based on the ability to store and access data at the edge, and control lists that you can update instantly.

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See why today’s leading brands choose Fastly

“In Fastly’s model, we’re using a shared service for 100+ properties, giving our development teams the ability the control and tools they need to do their jobs, without having to go back to a third-party vendor. It’s always felt like we have the support we need to push ourselves forward in our own product, but at the same time, we can give Fastly feedback.”

Kris Vincent
Developer Solutions Team Manager

“We’d toyed with the idea of geo-fencing requests for some time. As with all new features on the platform, we A/B tested it [on Fastly] and the performance increase was astonishing. Historically the hotel list has been the most expensive to serve; now (once the cache is warm) we can return results in under 50ms. It’s awesome!”

Harlow Ward
Rails Engineering Lead

“Fastly’s custom edge computing language, VCL, lets us serve content from the edge that’s tailored to each type of user, ensuring a great experience for our readers while giving editors complete flexibility.”

Julie Sommerville
VP of Engineering
Business Insider

“Fastly has been really key in helping us meet our goals — and we use them to entirely manage our paywall. It’s so much cleaner and faster because we’re not messing with our underlying website. And it’s a better experience for our users because it’s at the edge.”

Doug Grove
Director of DevOps
Condé Nast, publisher of The New Yorker

“We were faced with some tough challenges about how to scale our business rapidly. By leveraging Fastly’s edge cloud platform, we’ve distributed our software globally, growing to 10 billion daily requests with ease. Fastly is a key part of our growth strategy as we continue to scale the power of blockchain.”

Michael Wuehler
Infura Co-founder and Director of Blockchain Infrastructure

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We’re pushing edge innovation even further with Fastly Labs. Your developers can explore our latest projects, and interact with experimental, in-progress ideas — all giving your teams an edge, and empowering them to step into the future, faster.

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