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Edge compute technology

Give your developers an edge

Extend the power of your core cloud to the edge, and empower your teams to innovate. By moving data and applications as close to your end users as possible, you can deliver fast, highly personalized experiences to customers around the world. And now you can join the private beta for Compute@Edge, our new serverless compute environment built to take you further at the edge.

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Edge compute : Client insights

Client insights

Client insights allow you to rapidly adjust the content you serve to end users based on their location, device type, and language detection — all through leveraging our edge computing language. Tap into the power of personalized, low latency experiences, and improve your engagement and conversion rates.

  • Geolocation identifies users’ city and country location, latitude and longitude, postal code, connection type, and more, so you can customize experiences at the edge based on their location. This allows you to do things like creating virtual boundaries (or geo-fencing), or send customers within set boundaries localized offers.
  • Device detection helps you determine what device a customer is using — down to the brand and OS level of granularity — so you can tailor content served at the edge. You can serve different versions of your site depending on whether the viewer is accessing it from a mobile device, laptop, tablet, media player, smart TV, or set-top TV player.
Edge compute : Edge dictionaries

Edge dictionaries

Edge Dictionaries empower you to make real-time decisions from every server in our network. They act as a distributed database at the edge made up of key-value pairs, and those keys serve as unique identifiers for your data that our edge computing language can reference inside your Fastly service. Using a simple API call, you can add or update this data without deploying a new version of your service, and tap into more granular decision-making at the edge while improving performance. Edge Dictionaries allow you to redirect users to a specific country site, update large referrer spam blacklists in real time, and more.

Edge compute : Edge access control lists

Edge Access Control Lists

Access control lists (ACLs) help mitigate evolving threats from attackers by letting you make changes at scale — and with Fastly, you gain even more control by doing so in real time, from the edge. ACLs block bad IP addresses from visiting your sites, and for added security, you can create your own whitelists to grant access to the IP addresses of your choosing. With our powerful edge computing language, you can instantly update ACLs at the edge (even for large requests), so you can rest easy with real-time protection.

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We’re pushing edge innovation even further with Fastly Labs. Your developers can explore our latest projects, and interact with experimental, in-progress ideas — all giving your teams an edge, and empowering them to step into the future, faster.

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